Voices & Views for the 99%

GRATEFUL DREAD PUBLIC RADIO, founded in Baltimore in 1996, provides peace-progressive news/talk internet radio for the revolution! If you are seeing this page, our main site is in technical distress, and we hope to have it up and in service again ASAP. (You can help forestall these situations by becoming a GDPR Patron, which will help keep us operating and allow us to afford a decent web host.)

Listen now via our stream links:

*  Winamp, iTunes https://procyon.shoutca.st/tunein/grateful.pls
*  Windows Media Player https://procyon.shoutca.st/tunein/grateful.asx
*  Real Player https://procyon.shoutca.st/tunein/grateful.ram
*  QuickTime https://procyon.shoutca.st/tunein/grateful.qtl

Or tune in via TUNEIN RADIO


GDPR Revolution99 is independent, listener-supported activist netradio for a better world: news/talk programming, activism, POVs you won’t find in mainstream, corporate radio and more. We are radio for the progressive community, your one-stop shop for voices and views you won’t find in the corporate establishment media. Our peace-progressive programming covers the gamut: progressive talk shows; news and analysis programming; green-focused environmental offerings with a focus on sustainability; educational shows and documentary and lecture series;   inspirational activism-centered programs that inspire positive action for peace and justice and against the fascist and bigoted Trump Administration; public affairs programs covering religion, LGBT issues, the workers’ movement, and more; and, of course, arts and culture programming that fills the air with beautiful language, important literature, and sounds ranging from Rodgers and Hammerstein to Garcia and Weir. Check out our complete program guide, and then tune in and turn on!

Join us as we work to move the revolution of the 99 percent forward. Help us build and grow. We are independent, non-corporate, listener-supported noncommercial media for We The People, and what we do is more important than ever: Listen and support our work — click the support link above or the donation button to the right and let us know how we can work together toward fulfilling our collective mission. In the fight for a better world, we’re in it together.