Occupying the netwaves since its 1996 launch in Baltimore, Md., nonprofit media activism and writing services firm Grateful Dread Peace Media has presented Grateful Dread Public Radio, an internet radio station airing diverse sounds and ideas for open minds: progressive news/talk programming and commentary, POVs you won’t hear on corporate media, activism information and opportunities, lifestyle info for a sustainable world, arts programming highlighting outstanding artists and authors, and more.

The mission behind our one-stop shop of independent progressive programming is to spread a peace and justice message throughout the greater progressive community; to entertain, inform, inspire and involve in hopes of motivating people to take action for positive, progressive change; to give needed exposure to artists shut out of the mainstream; to educate on progressive issues, tolerance and nonviolence; to help in some small way to bring about a more peaceful, just, open society where equality under law exists for all.

Listening is available for free: LISTEN LIVE

You can also access GDPR REVOLUTION99 via TuneIn Radio and through your iPhone or Android smartphone; search for Grateful Dread Public Radio.

This is an activist/altruist nonprofit effort, radio on the honor system. GDPR lives or dies on the contributions of listener-members. If you can help with a contribution or by becoming a Supporting Member, please do – we need you.  Donate directly with Paypal or a credit card. Contributions are not tax-deductible at this time. 

c/o NR Davis, Program/Music Director
301 #Ezell Pike #17844
(844) 843-2420

This is also the official contact info for Grateful Dread Peace Media.