Thursday Reindeer Game

It's the AF&O Reindeer Game, and everybody is welcome to play! Oooh, we get a good word today! Yes, it’s time again for our bit of daily fun and learning. If you haven’t played our game before, do join in! Check out the Word of the Day at right and share your own sentence using the word. And feel free to comment on any sentences already here.

OK, today’s word:


As usual, I’ll go first:

It appears one of the main weapons in the Shrubite arsenal of slimy political tactics is the ability to adumbrate while pretending to be honest and open.

OK, I showed you mine. Show me yours.

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Reindeer Game

  1. Wow, that’s a new word on me! Let’s see if I can use it correctly: There are people who claim that the Cult of Personality that culminated in Der Terminator’s election was actually adumbrated by the election of Hillary Clinton to the Senate. (How’d I do?)

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