Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

Happy National Coming Out Day!

On Oct. 11 each year, millions of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people honestly state who they are. Some are coming out today for the first time; others have been out for years. Doesn’t matter, as coming out is a lifelong journey.

The Human Rights Campaign says coming out is a multi-step process:

There is coming out to yourself — acknowledging the truth and accepting yourself as someone who is not heterosexual or as someone who has a gender identity that differs from the so-called norm. Call yourself whatever you like, but be honest. If you are forced to live a closeted life, this is crucial: Be honest with yourself and love yourself for who you are.

Then, there is coming out to family and friends.

Coming out to employers and co-workers.

Coming out to your doctors and nurses.

Coming out in your faith community.

Coming out to society at large.

And heterosexual allies are not exempt here — people with gay family members and friends often are placed in the position of having to acknowledge that fact. Many do it with pride, and we are proud of them. Pro-GLBT hets can take the occasion of NCOD to come out publicly as supporters of the queer community, as true progressives, and as believers in equality for all.

In fact, this year’s NCOD theme is “It’s a Family Affair.” As members of the human family, let’s all come out to celebrate diversity, celebrate our GLBT brothers and sisters, celebrate GLBT-headed families and their kids.

Is any of this easy? Not at first, for many of us. But it’s important to do if we are ever to break the anti-equality Christian Right’s stranglehold on civil law. And dammit, we are worthy of being celebrated.

Get more info on HRC’s National Coming Out Project. And come out — for love, for pride, for respect, for equality, for justice.



A Proud Openly Queer Spouse and Mother

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