AF&O Poll of the Week

Take part in the poll! Last week’s poll asked, “Which Democratic candidate do you support for president?”

The results broke down like this:

1) Dennis Kucinich and John Kerry tied for first place with 33% each.

2) Howard Dean and Wesley Clark tied for second, with each garnering 16%.

3) The remaining five candidates received no votes.

This week’s poll question is: “What is your view on allowing civil marriage for same-sex couples?”

Right now, the vote is split 50-50 between “I’m all for legal marriage being available to gay couples. Equality is equality.” and “I am opposed to it — homosexuality, in my opinion, is sin, and those who don’t follow my religious beliefs should be punished under secular law.” Scary.

Tell us what you think! Cast your vote in the AF&O Poll of the Week. You’ll find it in the purple box in the sidebar to the right.

You can only vote once. Results will be available next Sunday.

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