Random Readings

Why do people hate America so much? Shock and Awe offers a compelling and sad story.

Open Source Politics has plenty of great reads, including Mark A.R. Kleiman’s latest Plamesville Diary entry.

I nearly fell out of my chair reading the Raving Atheist‘s eye-popping piece about a Genocide Day meeting between New York’s mayor and a pedophile enabler.

Think the California recall — fixed or not — was a nightmare? Latinopundit says the happenings in Brazil make the recent Golden State election look like a walk in the park.

Silver Rights presents an interesting take on Rush Limbaugh and his Donovan McNabb comments.

At VA Spider’s Web, you’ll find a terrific take on the atrocious right-wing “Marriage Protection Week” (or as Kynn at Shock and Awe calls it, “National Discriminate Against Committed Gay Couples Week).

In Nurse Rached’s Notebook, she notes that California Gov. Gray Davis’ does good by gays. The Nurse also aims a justified swipe at Ah-nuld-supporting Log Cabin types.

At Ruminate This, Lisa English gives a great lesson in “Redistricting Dissent.”
Like Gilbert and Sullivan? Like joking about lying liars? Head to Silt.

Last, but far from least: NTodd at Dohiyi Mir says time is running out if you want a piece of his Rummy Caption Contest. Deadline is midnight Eastern Time, so get cracking. The prize: a copy of The Matrix: Reloaded or an Indiana Jones flick on DVD.

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