Big Blue Marble

AF&O’s periodic sampling of news from around the globe…

EU Concerns for Kids: The European Union alerts parents and businesses about a risk of carcinogens in baby-food packaging.

Seems Like Old Times: The United Nations Security Council seems headed towards a split vote on a US-drafted resolution aimed at winning the world’s OK for its Iraq occupation and reconstruction.

Violence Begets Violence: Three Americans were killed when a huge roadside bomb ripped through a diplomatic convoy in the Gaza Strip, in an unprecedented attack on a foreign target in the Palestinian territories. The US Embassy in Jerusalem advises Americans to get out of Gaza.

Bad Activism: Angry protesters demanding Bolivian President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada’s resignation pushed a train off a bridge onto a key highway while police and soldiers clashed with opposition activists. Violence is never the answer. Never.

Up, Up, and Away: China joined Russia and the US as the only nations to send humans into space — the Asian nation has launched taikonaut Yang Liwei into the great beyond for a scheduled 21-hour, 14-orbit flight.

Leavitt’s Hurdle: Good news for supporters of the environment. Utah Gov. Michael Leavitt of Utah won a US Senate committee’s OK in his bid for the top job at the EPA, which is not good news, but the game is not yet over. It appears Senate Democrats plan an attempt to block his confirmation.


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