Baseball, My Brother, & “The Boy”

Happy, happy birthday to my baby brother, who gets to be the same age as me for the next four weeks.

I love you, sweetie-pie, and couldn’t be prouder to be your sister. Hugs and kisses from me, Jeff, Miss Christy and El Señor — have a splendiferous day!

And, in honor of my little bro (who is bigger and taller than me and like me, a massive baseball fan),


Condolences — again — to the Chicago Cubs. Is that errant fan of two nights ago named Billy? Just wondering. I hear Florida, home of the danged Marlings, is offering the guy asylum.

Well, Merv and I mourn the Cubbies’ (inevitable?) fall, but we collectively hold hope that the other baseball curse will die (give us a break, Bambino):

Down with the Yankees!

(And put down those batteries, Yankees fans!)


Curtain Up!

Hugh Jackman as Peter Allen in 'The boy from Oz' And we at AF&O wish a hearty home run and lots of broken legs for Hugh Jackman and the cast of “The Boy from Oz.” The show’s opening night on Broadway is tonight. We are praying for great reviews and that the musical, which has seen much revamping over its four-week preview run, will be a monster hit. yeehaw.jpg But I swear, if I hear another stunned person waxing incredulous about Wolverine dancing, I will have a cow. Jackman’s a consummate actor and a musical-theater vet. The US Public Broadcasting System will be airing the London cast production of “Oklahoma” — featuring our boy Hugh as Curly (see right) — over the next few weeks on its “Great Performances” series (we know for sure that it is airing on New York’s WNET), so if you can, take the opportunity to see this marvelous all-around performer at work. Meaning, he sings, he dances, he acts, and he can wield Wolverine’s claws. Deal with it. And hie thee to New York’s Imperial Theater to see him — sigh — in the flesh as entertainer Peter Allen.

Break a leg, Hugh and cast.

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