Field Tripping

The blog Negrophile points to a neat Indianapolis Star article that tells of an amazing experience enjoyed by 900 local public-school kids who spent a day seeing Civil War history face-to-face.

And funnywoman Margaret Cho — I long to have her children — spent a day visiting Dallas’ fascinating Conspiracy Museum. In a 10/20 blog entry, the notorious one talks about her time the museum and its connection to a Camelot that never really was.

In my own trek through the blogroll, I found a new color scheme enlivening my buddy Will Parker’s Channeling Cupertino — nice job! And Will speaks for me — big time — when he disses commercial FM radio. (By the way, here’s a great, kynd alternative to ClearChannel crap — our own Grateful Dread Radio.

Over at Open Source Politics, Loren Webster has a warning: The Clean Water Act is in danger — and so are US waterways and wetlands… and wildlife… and drinking water. Ah, those compassionate conservatives in the Bush Gang. God bless Loren, he offers some activist advice too.

Found some terrible news at Ms. Musings: After only five months on the job, Patricia Ireland was sacked from her post as CEO of the YWCA. The firing, which Ireland says came without notice, may be the result of pressure from right-wing groups. Can’t say I am surprised. Many fundies damn near plotzed back in May, when the group originally called the Young Women’s Christian Association hired the queer former head of the National Organization of Women as its leader. But I can say I am pissed.

And next, some mixed-emotion news: Terri Schiavo, who has been in a vegetative state for 13 years, is receiving nutrition again. Acting on orders from Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a hospital began rehydrating the brain-damaged woman today, six days after her feeding tube was removed in one of the nation’s longest and most bitter right-to-die battles. ExGay Watch has some interesting discussion on the vitriolic tussle between Schiavo’s husband and the parents so determined to keep their daughter alive.

Finally: The late-term abortion ban, already OKed by the US House, has been passed by the Senate. I am anti-abortion but ardently pro-choice — yes, that is possible. And I have a sense that this bill, which Shrub likely will sign into law — will means second-class status for women.

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2 thoughts on “Field Tripping

  1. Please join/participate in the Terri Schindler Life Ribbon Campaign:

    Please continue to help to spread the word.

    Happy Holidays!

    Also consider taking the following actions:

    Say Folks—
    I will say we need to do this until I am Blue in the face!
    You really want to press an issue for Terri?
    Send this statute to Bernie McCabe (727-464-6221) and demand a RESPONSE in writing why he blantantly disregards this statute?
    Pound his office with a copy of the statute and ask ONE question….WHY does he NOT oblige the LAW?

    Then send the statute to every news media you can think of and ask them to find out for us WHY Bernie McCabe supports Michael Schiavo’s actions in the NEGLECT and ABUSE of the disabled in accordance to Florida’s own statute. Is he an accomplice to this felony?? Are they discriminationg against the disabled?
    When you receive your responses, please mail them to
    Pat at:
    Patricia Fields Anderson, P.A. Attorney at Law
    447 Third Avenue North * Suite 405 *
    St. Petersburg, FL 33701


    Florida criminalizes abuse, neglect and exploitation of a disabled adult.

    In the criminal statutes, –€śneglect–€ť is defined as

    1. A caregiver’s failure or omission to provide an elderly person or disabled adult with the care, supervision, and services necessary to maintain the elderly person’s or disabled adult’s physical and mental health, including, but not limited to, food, nutrition, clothing, shelter, supervision, medicine, and medical services that a prudent person would consider essential for the well- being of the elderly person or disabled adult; or

    2. A caregiver’s failure to make a reasonable effort to protect an elderly person or disabled adult from abuse, neglect, or exploitation by another person.

    Fla. Stat. –§ 825.102(3)(a).

    If the neglect results in –€śgreat bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement–€ť to the disabled adult, it’s a second degree felony. If there is no such harm, it’s a third degree felony.

    Fla. Stat. –§ 825.102(3)(b), (3)(b)

    In the Schiavo case, Judge Greer has authorized the removal of her feeding tube, pursuant to the mandate from the Second DCA.

    Judge Greer also denied the parents’ Petition for Immediate Therapy, requesting an attempt to help Terri learn to eat by mouth again.

    Judge Greer HAS NOT entered an order forbidding provision of food and water by mouth after the removal of the tube.

    In addition, Fla. Stat. –§ 744.3215 lists certain rights retained even after a person is adjudicated to be incapacitated. If one takes the rather broad language in 1.1 above, Schiavo’s systematic violation of those rights can also be the subject of criminal charges, as his violations have NEVER been adjudicated by the guardianship court.

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