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Found this at The League of Liberals:

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Yea, verily: Who is that, sprinting on the tarmac! It is Dubya Of Austin, hands clutching a thorned whip! And with a low scream, his voice cometh:

“Ares, God of War, be praised! I pillage until Satan himself emerges from the pit to thank me!!”

Find out!
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Give it a try and share your battle cry via Comments.

Being an ardent pacifist, this is all a little strange and unsettling to me, but what the hell, it’s just a game.

Stalking across the mini-mall parking lot, wielding a thorned whip, cometh Natalie! And she gives a mighty bellow:

“Blood and souls for my dark lord! I shall discombobulate the entire world!!”

Uhhh, no.

Hugh as Van Helsing, coming to a movie theater near you in May, 2004 Just for grins, I imagine Hugh Jackman going into battle dressed like vampire slayer Van Helsing.

Running on the terrain, attacking with a meaty axe, cometh Hugh Jackman! And he gives a vengeful roar:

“I’m going to torment you like it’s my job, and throw you out the window!!!”

Uhhh, I don’t think so — though my mind’s picture is a pleasing one, to be sure.

Halle as Jinx in Die Another DayOne more, Halle Berry.

Lo! Who is that, striding on the mini-mall parking lot! It is Halle Berry, hands clutching a studded crowbar! She grunts vengefully:

“Ares, God of War, be praised! I swear that on this night, you shall dine in hell!!!”

Whoa. Time to go to sleep.

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