Big Blue Marble

AF&O’s periodic sampling of news from around the globe…

Bush’s Stonewall: Thomas H. Kean, who chairs the federal commission investigating the September 11 attacks, says the White House is still withholding several highly classified intelligence documents from the panel. If the Bush gang continues stalling, Kean says he’s ready to serve subpoenas.

Plame Affair Continues: What was the goal behind outing a CIA agent? Former agency officials say it was part of plan to discredit intelligence agencies for not supporting Bushite claims that Saddam Hussein was reconstituting Iraq’s nuclear-weapons program.

Last Stand for IDS: UK MPs say Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith will be out within two days.

Colombian Rebels Fight: Attacks by Colombian rebels killed at least 13 people, casting a violent shadow over voting on key reforms President Alvaro Uribe hopes will help fight corruption and insurgency.

Ethiopian Crisis: As many as 15 million Ethiopians are at risk of contracting malaria and tens of thousands could die, according to the United Nations.

Finally!: The World Trade Organization agrees on access to generic medicines.

Thinking It Over: North Korea’s foreign ministry said it was ready to consider Dubya Bush’s offer of a written security assurance in return for dismantling the communist country’s nuclear program.

Sayonara: The Concorde signs off with one final bang.