AF&O Poll of the Week

Take part in the poll! Last week’s poll asked, “How should The Man deal with the civilly disobedient young “airline-security” tester?”

The results broke down like this:

An overwhelming 67% of those who responded answered, “He meant well. At most, give him a slap on the wrist.”

Twenty-five percent said, “Free the tester! He did airline passengers a favor.”

And eight percent said, “Fine him and bar him from future access to airports.”

Apparently those who participated in the poll understood the importance of civil disobedience and are a pretty forgiving bunch. That would include me, although I have a little advice for the tester and for any who engage in CD: Don’t do it unless you are willing to take whatever consequences the authorities mandate.

Thanks to all who took the survey for taking part here at Free Speech Central.

Time for this week’s AF&O Poll. The question involves the US Senate’s passage of a bill that would ban late-term abortion. Dubya Bush is expected to sign the measure into law. Pro-choice advocates say they will take the matter to court, and that the US Supreme Court could declare the law, which does not make exceptions when the mother’s life is at risk, unconstitutional.

What do you think? Should late-term abortions be banned under law?

Tell us what you think! Cast your vote in the AF&O Poll of the Week. You’ll find it in the silver-colored box in the sidebar to the right.

You can only vote once. Results will be available next Sunday.

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