Does the GOP Care About Women?

Last Tuesday, three weeks after the US House, by a vote of 64-34, the Republican-led US Senate passed a bill that would ban and criminalize the practice of late-term abortion — the procedure right-wingers call “partial-birth abortion.” The measure now goes to George Bush, who has pledged to sign it into law. If he does, as expected, the move will send feminists and reproductive-rights supporters into a justifiable frenzy. Why justifiable? Because, quite simply, the action could alter seriously the future of abortion rights and women’s health in the United States.

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3 thoughts on “Does the GOP Care About Women?

  1. What is with all this attention onto women’s rights to abort while ignoring a huge trampling of a Woman’s right to LIVE?!? that’s going on in Florida as I write?
    The Terry Schiavo case has been going on for over a decade. It has
    heated up to the point that Terry’s husband-in-law (for it’s very
    clear that it is by law only as he has a girlfriend with whom he
    is expecting his second child with) has convinced a judge to pull
    Terry’s feeding tube? There are many disabled people reliant upon medical interventio to be able to receive sustenance, that doesn’t mean they should starve to death because of this need. This “husband” has received $750,000 for
    her care, but refused her any therapy that would reteach her to
    swallow. He refused to allow Terry a tiny piece of the Eucharist
    for her to have Last Rites.
    This woman has a family willing to care for her, willing to take on the responsibility the Man has been trying to rid himself of. I have seen the
    films myself that this woman IS responsive. Her husband obviously
    has a conflict of interest since his love interest is (somewhat
    reasonably) involved in a common-law wife & their children. His
    rights to his wife-in-law should be terminated due to that
    But what I REALLY want to know is… WHERE ARE THE WOMEN’S RIGHTS
    SUPPORTERS?!? NO one is supporting this woman’s right to live. I
    am totally baffled. Silly me, I had thought that Women’s Rights
    were about a woman’s right to live her life on HER terms; not the
    terms of a “husband” who is “done” with her.
    … Grrrrrrowling in Alaska….

  2. The Terri Schiavo case, which we have talked about before, is a tragic one. I think you are being unfair to her spouse, though. This has to be hard on all her relatives, including him. Having been in a similar situation with my father last month, I know — it is hard to let go. But in my dad’s case, his brain was gone. When the brain is gone, life is gone. And what the doctors say — and these are court-appointed doctors, not physicians chosen by Terri’s husband — is that Terri’s brain is gone. Meaning she is already gone and has been for 13 years. She isn’t living, merely existing through artificial means. Would you want to exist that way? I wouldn’t.

    And Terri’s spouse says she told him she didn’t want to live that way. I was not there to witness this, so I can’t say for sure if it is or isn’t true. But no decent person would make up something like that. The sad fact is, sometimes the kindest, most humane, most loving thing to do is to let go and let God or nature take its course.

    I understand your passion about this, though. Believe me on that one.

  3. The GOP apparently cares for all females, even those too young to fight back.

    The time for choice ends when you have sex … then RESPONSIBILITY BEGINS.

    Stop condemning human beings by intsituting the death penalty to INNOCENT humans in the early stages of development!

    It amazes me that Democrats, who claim to be “for the people” are so often on the WRONG side of issues that adversely affect PEOPLE. Like slavery, abortion, defense of the nation and world against communism. How do these ACTIONS back up the democrats rhetoric? They don’t! … Wake up!!

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