One Nation Under God?

Does Joe Lieberman know that atheists, agnostics, and unaffiliated believers are a part of America too? Bravo to Incadenza of The Scope. The California-based blogger has done two things in one terrific posting, “Thanks Joe”: He has articulated one fine reason for opposing the presidential candidacy of Joe Lieberman and, at the same time, has delineated quite clearly why the fundamentalist Christian Right is out of touch with what justice for all Americans truly means.

The thing that earned Incadenza’s notice was an Oct. 18 New York Times article on a Lieberman appearance before the Arab American Institute:

“We meet here today not as Muslims or Christians or Jews,” Mr. Lieberman, of Connecticut, told the audience of about 400, “not as people of Arab or European descent or African or Asian descent.”

He added, “We are proud to be all of those things, but we are more than that. We are Americans. We are children of the same God and of the same father, Abraham. We are quite literally brothers and sisters.”

Writes Incadenza:

Obviously, Lieberman was hoping to appeal to Muslims and cross religious differences. His choice of words was intended to appeal to the group, but still send a message of identity as Americans through religious belief, a view I detest.

Athiests, agnostics, and the religiously apathetic (probably closest to my personal view) are ignored in politics, while religious groups are courted. America might not be an officially Christian nation (though it might be in de facto rather than de jure practice), but it’s certainly a religious nation. Having any faith at all, no matter how different from someone else’s, is more acceptable than having no faith at all.

Actually, only certain religious groups are courted, and conservative Christians are asked to the dance more than any other group. But Incadenza’s gripe is a most worthy one that needs to be heard and internalized by all thinking. If the US is supposed to be a land where all are equal and all are to be represented, the vision of politicians and lawmakers must include members of all religions — and members who have no religion at all.

I don’t thank Joe Lieberman. I thank Incadenza.

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3 thoughts on “One Nation Under God?

  1. Natalie,

    Thanks for your very kind words. It’s always nice to know that I’m not the only one that thinks this way, especially when my religous beliefs seem anethema in modern American society. Again, thanks.

  2. More needs to be said in the progressive community and elsewhere on this subject, my friend. If we’re going to talk about justice and equality, we must speak up for our atheist, agnostic, and unaffiliated brothers and sisters too. We’ve got to stand up against the Judge Roy Moores, the stupid pledges, the invocations at governmental sessions, even “in God we trust” on legal tender. If the nation is supposed to represent all of its citizens, well, dammit, it ought to represent everyone and stop excluding people.

    I’m a wee bit passionate on this subject, if you didn’t notice. 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Well, first of all the pledges aren’t stupid and since you guys are saying America this America that, you should think the same, and also if athiests ect. aren’t happy with under god in pledge, they dont have to hear it, but don’t make the ones that believe in god have to stop.

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