Some interesting reads…

Prometheus 6 sees a connection between the occupation of Iraq and the horrible fires raging in California. Someone — I won’t say who, but he is a miserable failure and needs to be impeached — has his head up his ass regarding setting US priorities. Bring the damn troops home.

See a Californian’s view of the wildfires at Noli Irritare Leones. Blogger Sappho, who, thank God, is OK, provides links helpful to those who are near the danger zone and to those who love them. (Personal note to Kim: Stay safe. I love you.)

Over at Sisyphus Shrugged, Julia does some researching into the troubling mess surrounding Diebold and black-box voting. Spot on, J. This is not right.

Mark A.R. Kleiman, goddess bless him, won’t let go of the Valerie Plame story. And thank goodness, because the Washington Times, he notes, isn’t telling the full story.

I’m with Lisa English of Ruminate This: Subpoena the obfuscating weasels in the Bush Administration, who still refuse to turn over important documents to the commission investigating the September 11 attacks. Lisa will tell you how you can take positive action in honor of the 3,000+ who died.

British site OxBlog offers a pointer to a compelling Foreign Affairs essay on foreign policy in China and then goes on to discuss Jet Li’s action flick Once Upon a Time in China Part 2 and diversity. Cool read.

Also cool is a post from my buddy Aaron Hawkins at Uppity Negro, that offers non-mainstream views on Cuba from former Black Panther Assata Shakur and “arch-villain” Noam Chomsky.

And last, but certainly not least, my League of Liberals mate Kynn at Shock and Awe reminds us that it is National Naughty Pictures Are Bad Week. Which, of course, is brought to you by that guy with his head up his ass.