Anti-gay Ex-Gays Strike Again

I’ll say it from here until forever. The ex-gay movement, which says gays can and should change into heterosexuals, is dangerous. My fervent belief is not stated to disparage anyone who believes that he or she has changed orientation. If this is your story, good for you. A few individuals I know and love say they are no longer gay through the power of God. They should be respected and accepted as should we all. But I have spoken with and interviewed many more people — now happy, healthy, and still gay or bisexual — who say ex-gay ministries (usually run by fundamentalists) and anti-gay “reparative therapy” caused them great pain and suffering. Some who attempted the “change” efforts gave up on God entirely as a result. And some, who only learned to hate themselves, ended up falling into destructive behaviors or committing suicide.

Yes, there are ex-gay enterprises that put their focus on helping gay fundamentalists resist their orientation and live up to their conservative religious beliefs. For these groups, pushing stronger relationships with God is the primary goal; “change” is touted as being possible, but it is not promised. But many of these organizations also push an agenda that seeks to demean and punish GLBT people under secular law. And that, folks, is dangerous, inhumane, and immoral.

Ex-Gay Watch offers very disturbing news about a dangerous new ex-gay endeavor. XGW editor Mike Airhart writes about an Oct. 29 story that appears on a right-wing news site:

Cybercast News Service reports today that a political coalition representing numerous U.S. ex-gay organizations, including hundreds of local affiliate groups, “is developing a legal strategy to litigate on behalf of people who challenge the proposition that individuals are ‘born gay.'”

The coalition members claim to support “personal choice,” “right to know,” “tolerance,” “policy neutrality” and “equal access” — but only for antigay and ex-gay choices, information, and policy. Several member organizations have lobbied

  • for discrimination against gays in employment, housing, and public services
  • against social and religious tolerance of homosexuality
  • against the availability of pro-tolerance or “pro-gay” information in schools and the media, and
  • against gay people serving as leaders in church, government, child care, education, and the media.

Read more about it — including comments from our eye on the Religious Wrong, attorney Michael Hamar and a challenge from gay activist and author Wayne Besen — at XGW.

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6 thoughts on “Anti-gay Ex-Gays Strike Again

  1. Ex-Gay Coalition Seeks One-Way Freedom

    Cybercast News Service reports today that a political coalition representing numerous U.S. ex-gay organizations, including hundreds of local affiliate groups, “is developing a legal strategy to litigate on behalf of people who challenge the proposition…

  2. I haven’t heard of the “ex-gay anti-gay movement”. But the way your puttin’ it down, damn skippy it sounds dangerous. You take a former gay man and he gets pissed off at other gays and you know what: you have a fella more hard and more fundamentalist “anti-gay” then anyone.

  3. I will get straight to the point. This entire controversy of homosexuality exists solely because of a basic lack of understanding of Man and his basic purposes and goals. The argument that homosexuality is not a choice and that homosexuals are equal to, say, blacks (slavery) or women (suffrage) is a lie. Just because you don’t remember choosing proves nothing. Do you remember every choice you ever made; particularly the ones for which you didn’t want to take responsibility? I’m not trying to make you wrong. What is right about homosexuality?

    Knowing that there is a road out of this mess is a good thing; you don’t have to be gay. My saddest day was when I realized that I had no choice- I was gay, period. Once I discovered how to get back to my basic goals, it was the happiest day of my life. You don’t have to be gay. You DO have to use a workable technology. All these confusions about Mankind have been propagated by psychiatry (a complete and provable fraud: ) so its no surprise that people are in such a mess.

    Basically, the confusion is that you have been taught that you are an animal who has never been anyone before this life. If you had been going along just fine in female bodies for the last million years and suddenly you find yourself stuck in a male body, and DIDN’T REMEMBER IT, all those appropriate feelings you had as a woman would confuse you; until you had an explanation for it: GAY. I suppose if you believe that you are that slab of meat sitting in that chair then you might think, “How could I have existed before my body was made?” I am not going to argue the existence of the spirit, you can make up your own mind about that. I am simply letting you know that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE GAY. There is something you can do about it:
    and look up the confusion formula of the ethics conditions:

    Finally, the purpose of Marriage is Creation. The only thing homosexuals create are make-overs and really good broadway shows. : ) No, really, producing healthy, happy children to continue the human race is the primary creation of marriage. Incredible sex is just a bonus. Just because many fail at marriage just indicates a lack of workable technology in that area – (e.g. any church or counselor that uses psychiatry).

    This message is part of my own application of the condition formulas. I am no longer gay. I choose to join the (sexual) group that promotes the survival of the Human Race the most: heterosexuals who want to create a stable family.

  4. Well, if that works for you, great. On the subject of choice, etc., we will have to agree to disagree. I suppose millions of childless heterosexuals should know that there is no justification for their unions.
    Anyway, Goddess bless; I will keep you in my prayers.

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