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Sick of Bush points to a CNN story that shows that Dubya must be out of his tree: “‘President’ Bush today said that when the time came to campaign for re-election, his position would be that the world is more peaceful and more free because of his leadership.” Is this miserable failure deluded or mendacious?

It’s official: UK Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith is out and “Euroskeptic” former cabinet minister Michael Howard is the odds-on favorite to replace him.

Violence rages on in Iraq, where a string of explosions set a train on fire, killed US soldier in a military convoy, and tore through a historic section of Baghdad.

The troubled peace process between Ethiopia and Eritrea was set back further when the commission responsible for marking out their common border said the already delayed task was to be postponed indefinitely.

Malaysia’s outgoing PM is taking swipes at the US and Israel, charging that the Palestinian people are being treated the way Europe historically treated Jews.

The Slovenian parliament has granted permanent residency to thousands of so-called “erased” citizens from other former Yugoslav republics who lost the right to reside in Slovenia 11 years ago.