Super Scary Halloween Day News

Without doubt, this is the scariest shit I’ve heard today: Lisa English at Ruminate This reports the White House is manipulating Google to cover its disgusting tracks and revise history. And the media are strangely silent on the matter. What the hell is this?

Read Lisa’s piece, and don’t weep. Get angry — and get active!

If you need more news to fuel your ire, dig this: The US House, putting aside legitimate concerns about the ongoing occupation and rebuilding of Iraq, gave overwhelming approval to the Shrub’s $87.5 billion package. (Much of it going, doubtless, to Dick bin Cheney’s Halliburton — Hell for Halliburton has some disturbing news on this front.)

Need more?: The Bush Administration is making it tougher for poor kids with good grades to be able to attend college. I guess leaving “no kid behind” doesn’t apply to the needy.

And while wildfires continue to rage in California, news arrives that the Shrubites took six months to evaluate Gov. Gray Davis’ emergency request last spring for $430 million to clear dead trees from fire-prone areas of Southern California, and then denied the request.

Can you say “miserable failure“?

OK, you deserve a laugh now: Lisa English also notes that Camille Paglia is back online — and dissing everyone except Rush Limbaugh. (By the way, she is correct about Limbaugh as broadcaster; gotta give credit where it is due.)

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