Big Blue Marble

AF&O’s periodic sampling of news from around the globe…

Sunday, Bloody Sunday: An US helicopter was shot down in Ameriya, killing at least 18 soldiers (updated figure at 9 PM EST) and wounding 21 others. Rummy’s right — this is a tragedy, but then so are the deaths of innocent Iraqis the US defense secretary never seems to mention.

Karzai’s Backup: In a show of support for embattled Afghan President Hamid Karzai, a high-level UN Security Council delegation visited Kabul to push international efforts to reconstruct the war-ravaged nation.

Humans’ Inhumanity to Humans: An Israeli human rights group has condemned Ariel Sharon’s army for disregarding Palestinian lives by stopping ambulances leaving or entering the West Bank town of Nablus.

Politricks: Georgia’s unpopular government, led by veteran President Eduard Shevardnadze, is in a tense stand-off with its opponents following a parliamentary election which the opposition claimed was skewed by ballot-rigging and intimidation.

Finally: In an about-face, the White House says it will hand over materials the US Senate Intelligence Committee requested for its inquiry into pre-invasion intelligence on Iraq. The CIA and FBI turned in documents before last Friday’s deadline, and more is coming.

Water Scarcity Threatens Africa’s Food Supply: The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, meeting in Nairobi, has launched an effort to combat famines caused by water shortages.