T. Rex’s Guide to Life hits the nail almost squarely on the proverbial head about the disparate treatment and remuneration being given to “heroic” former war prisoner Pvt. Jessica Lynch and her fellow POW, Pvt. Shoshana Johnson. What’s the difference between the two women? Melanin. And Johnson had a tougher time in Iraq than the title character in the TV movie. Disappointingly, Kenneth also deems Johnson “less attractive” than Lynch. Eye of the beholder, I guess.

The weblog of Christianity Today offers lots of links to newspaper articles on the consecration of openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson. It also notes something important: “Some had expected several provinces to break communion with the Episcopal Church USA altogether. However, not only did the primates stress that their criticism was focused only on those dioceses that supported Robinson’s consecration, but that the relationship is one of impaired communion, not broken communion. The difference is important.” Sounds like hope to me. (Other good news at CT: Apparently, the US Supreme Court has rejected Judge Roy Moore’s 10 Commandments appeal. Good.)

Neat UK-themed read from Ink from the Squid called “Investing in the Future“: “The British government is expanding on a program to create a trust fund for every child born in Britain. “The government will give –250, rising to –500 in the case of low income families, to all newborn babies. The money will not be available to the child until they are 18, by which time it is hoped the Child Trust Fund (CTF) will have grown into a tidy sum – perhaps enough to make a decent contribution towards university tuition fees, occupational training or a deposit on a home. In addition, the government has promised that it will make a one-off payment into all Child Trust Funds when children reach the age of seven. The amount of that sum has yet to be announced. ”

Wow… lots to peruse at the League of Liberals. Wow, what a productive bunch we are.

Negrophile points to a fab article in the Australian Age on Harlem Gospel Choir founder Allen Bailey, who spreads a necessary message on his choir’s international “Give Peace a Chance” tours: Color doesn’t matter. Amen to that.

Rhino’s Blog gives deserved attention to the plight of California Indian Tribes affected by the recent wildfires. He includes disaster-relief info. Please drop by and help if you can.

The PeaceBlog Project shares an Irish Times article that performs a great public service: pointing out some of the Shrub’s embarrassing moments. Most enjoyable and sad all at once.

Lots of good reading, thanks to The Mahablog’s Hot Links. Check them out.

Uppity Negro offers a wrapup of October’s Breast Cancer Month campaign, and the news is good. We will keep our Breast Cancer Site link available (see the sidebar) because, well, the problem doesn’t end just because October is over. Keep helping the cause!

AF&O isn’t the only one Blogging for a Cure. At Blogcritics, see a host of items promoting diabetes awareness — and get involved.

Last one: Pen-Elayne on the Web points to a far-too-infrequent new Noam Chomsky commentary, “The Iraq War and Contempt for Democracy.” Right on, Noam.