Cowards Cave

Done deal it is. The Cowardly Broadcasting System will not air the controversial miniseries “The Reagans” because of objections raised by rabid right-wingers including the head of the Republican National Committee. Instead, the TV movie will air on Showtime, where it can be viewed by those privileged enough to have cable television. The rest of us will not have the opportunity to judge the film for ourselves because some Gipper-worshiping GOPers are too damned arrogant to change the channel.

Not that the Craven Broadcasting System will admit this, according to Blogcritics’ Richard Silverstein.

David Letterman is too good for these pusillanimous weaklings.

Want to tell the Conservative Broadcasting System what you think about its wingnut-pandering and spinelessness? Speak out via its feedback form.

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3 thoughts on “Cowards Cave

  1. Quoth Natalie: “Instead, the TV movie will air on Showtime, where it can be viewed by those privileged enough to have cable television.”

    Not only those privileged enough to have cable, but that even smaller subset of those who can afford to buy into a “premium” channel like Showtime.

  2. What a boon for Tivo and VCRs! Showtime, co-owned by Viacom, gets to air this feature. I would lay betting odds that it is no big deal,and that the publicity surrounding this move from one Viacom property to the other is not much more than a deft PR ploy.

    Love your wordsmithing on the item. I guess this means that pusillanimous is not going to be Santa’s transportation game anytime soon, eh? To me this is the crux of the matter. Oops, wrong comment area.

  3. Len: You are correct about that. You have to understand, I look at those with basic cable as being, compared to us, the Rockefellers. Wow, imagine someone having a pay channel!

    Dean: Not only are you witty; you are smart. And yet you’re a Yankees fan. 😉

    One thought, though — all the publicity in the world isn’t going to increase Showtime’s membership by that much. At the end of the day, it’s just a TV movie. How good can it be that it’s worth incurring another monthly charge? Conceivably, the flick could get 20 million viewers on CBS; on Showtime, it’ll get a million, maybe two. Tops. If it is released on video or DVD, that will gain more eyeballs. I suspect the move to Showtime is a cut-your-losses kind of maneuver. CBS will make something rather than losing out on its investment.

    Anyway, in terms of wordsmithing, my dear, I bow to you.

    You got me thinking, so I checked. Turns out pusillanimous was the WOTD on Nov. 6, 1999.

    And speaking of the Censorship Broadcasting System… I actually turned it on this evening — but only because Dave rules; the rest of the nwtwork can go to hell AFAIC — to get some awesome news: Dave and his partner Regina Lasko have a new son, Harry Joseph Letterman. Little(?) Harry was born at New York Hospital at 11:58 pm Monday; he weighed in at 9 pounds, 11 ounces and was 21 inches long. And what a cutie pie! Dave, who is very private, showed off a photograph of the boy, which was unexpected but appreciated. Said his obviously awestruck dad, “I could never imagine ever being a part of something that turned out this beautiful.”

    Not only that, Dave’s number one reason for being thrilled to be a father: Now there is tangible evidence that he has had sex.

    Dave ought to go on sabbatical (and then move to a decent network) so he can spend some time with Regina and their gorgeous baby — Letterman’s too good for those cowardly bastards.

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