Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

Does that sound angry? I apologize. But this increasingly silly and horribly meanspirited anti-gay whining over the recent consecration of Epsicopal Bishop of New Hampshire Gene Robinson really frosts my cookies.

In a letter published today, former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey said the ordination has cause “incalculable” damage to the global Anglican Communion.

Meanwhile, Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola, speaking in the name of the “Global South” of the communion, says he will no longer participate in any meetings with Episcopal leaders. (Too bad. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out, Pete.)

You can read more on anti-gay priest Earle Fox’s disgusting antics at the consecration at our Holiness, Heresy, and Hate. Thanks to Ex-Gay Watch’s lovely Steve B. for this information!

And opinionist Chibita Wa Duallo, writing for the Kampala, Uganda, New Vision, carries on about Bishop Robinson being a possible felon and worse.

Here is an excerpt:

At a time when priests are held in suspicion due to increased cases of child abuse and molestation, one would have hoped that the church would not stumble onto another controversy.

As it is, the new bishop of New Hampshire has ensured that the church reels from one scandal to another. These are not just scandals involving purely spiritual matters. They are controversies that touch on criminality.

The issue of molesting children, which is related to homosexuality, has received its fair share of publicity.

Some priests have ended up in court, while others have had to settle matters out of court.

It has been revealed that the new bishop has been deeply involved in homosexual conduct. He was married, had children and then divorced his wife.

According to reports, he has been living with his male partner for the last 15 years. The spiritual side of homosexuality has been well articulated. It is considered a sin by most mainstream churches and Christians.

In many jurisdictions, homosexuality is actually a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment. In such jurisdictions, therefore, the bishop would not only be sinning, he would also be committing an offence. In effect, he would be offending both God and Caesar. This could not be what the good Lord meant when He said that we give to Caesar what is his and to God what is His due!

That is why the churches in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and other African and Asian countries have expressed disgust with the consecration of the Bishop.

Otherwise, how will their flock comprehend the elevation of someone who breaks both God’s and man’s law to the level of bishop?

It may well be that New Hampshire has no law forbidding homosexual conduct. Therefore, there would be no offence if a man went ahead and practised the same in that jurisdiction.

However, to the best of my knowledge, Canada became the first country in the world to allow homosexual and other same-sex marriages. This was just this very year.

New Hampshire may be geographically very close to Canada but as far jurisdiction is concerned, they fall in different states and are far apart.

If Bishop Robinson has been living with another man for the last 15 years, what have they been doing all along? Under what law have they been living together? Have they been co-habiting?

Have they been living just as roommates without any contractual or conjugal obligations? Have they been breaking the law, therefore? Does the bishop continue to break the law by living with someone he is not married to?

These are too many unanswered questions to allow the Church live happily thereafter. For a bishop, they are too many to enable him carry out spiritual authority and guidance over the flock.

First of all, pedophilia is a sickness and horror that has nothing to do with homosexuality.

Secondly, at least in the US, one can cohabit as will under civil law. Thanks to last summer’s Supreme Court ruling, having sex with a same-sex partner is not against the law in this country. Polygamy is illegal in America, however. Manny African nations still allow it — and US Anglicans and Episcopalians haven’t stopped dealing with dioceses there and providing them with much funding.

And thirdly, how does this Einstein know what vexes God? If the Creator is unhappy, no doubt he or she will deal with the matter on Judgement Day.

Forgive these conservatives, please, Lord. They clearly know very little.

Oh, some positive news: UK Prime Minister Tony Blair (reuted sexer-up of Iraq intelligence) and Prince Charles (living “in sin” with Camilla Parker Bowles because the CofE won’t allow them to marry) both say it’s time for the Anglican Church to get with the times. Good show, gentlemen.

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6 thoughts on “Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

  1. Even in Uganda there are also other voices, as mentioned by the Anglican Communion News Service here:

    Adding a more liberal voice to Uganda, however, a retired Anglican bishop has said it is wrong for the Church of Uganda to sever relationship with the Diocese of New Hampshire over the confirmation of Gene Robinson as its bishop. “Luckily, gays have now entered the annals of history as Bishops,” he said. “They are now brought much closer to the love of Christ than they were before and we should not lose this chance.”

    The Rt Revd Christopher Senyonjo, retired Bishop of West Uganda Diocese, was immediately dropped as the assisting Bishop of Namirembe, for his pro-gay sentiments.

    When asked in an interview whether other Ugandan bishops could be a member of Integrity Uganda, Bishop Christopher Senyonjo said, “We enjoy a lot of quiet support and prayer from [our] Bishops – unfortunately they are being intimidated into fear.”

    Bishop Senyonjo has paid dearly for his support of gay and lesbian folks in Uganda and yet remains a clear voice.

  2. Sorry, I can’t help but giggle at that report about George Carey that you linked to:
    The consecration of an openly gay bishop in America’s Episcopal Church has done “incalculable” damage to the global Anglican Communion, former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey said in a letter published Thursday.

    However, he urged all factions in the communion to hold together and strengthen their “bonds of affection.”

    Talk about sending out a mixed message there, it was the issue of ‘bonds of affection’ that started this whole row in the first place…

    I’ll see myself out.

  3. Lets face it the main man himself had a more than his fair share of rough diamonds
    in his exclusive 12 strong gang,so I’m sure the Anglican church can put up with
    a few dodgy characters in its own flock.

  4. I agree with you completely, but you may want to reword the poll question on the side. I believe that religious denominations should accept openly gay clergy, but I am Jewish, so my reason has nothing to do with Jesus. Also, I believe that religions should accept gay clergy, but I do not think that there should be laws that force them to.

  5. I agree with you about the laws, and I apologize for the wording of the question. I will make an attempt to change it, but if doing so means losing all the previous votes, I can’t do it. We shall see what happens. In any case, thank you for the valid criticism.

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