I Guess It’s True…

You really can buy or sell anything online.

According to WWYS, my soul is worth –47455 — and only 14 percent of humans have souls purer than mine. I don’t know if this is happy news or if I should be sad that my soul is so dirty.

Check it out — it’s capitalism made hilarious. And be sure to let us know how your soul rates via comments.


5 thoughts on “I Guess It’s True…

  1. My soul appraised at –17180.

    And, they had the gall to add that “For [my] peace of mind, 55% of people have a purer soul than [me].”

    Peace of mind? Hrumphhhhh! grumble, grumble, rattle, clatter, grump, grump, grump!

  2. Gee, Steve, if I were a gambling person, I would bet that your soul was much purer than mine.

    Spill, P6, spill! (In Baltimore, I can hear the ca-ching all the way from Michigan!)

  3. “Your soul is worth –25640.
    For your peace of mind, 38% of people have a purer soul than you.”

    Apparently this means that all of those people who used to piss me off when I worked at the royal farms have more valuable souls than mine.

    I can’t count the nights I would scream out “Satan, i’d sell you my soul if you killed all of these stupid people.”

    He never took me up on the offer.

  4. For our sakes, I’m glad Satan let you keep your soul. Do you still work at the convenience store? If not, you’re free of those people — and still you have your soul! Good news.

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