The Shoplifting of Democracy — On Tape!: Journalist Greg Palast‘s discovery of the purging of thousands of societally-defined African-Americans from Florida’s voter rolls is part of Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election, a new hour-long documentary airing this week on cable’s Sundance Channel. Catch it if you can: Nov 8, 1:15 PM; Nov 16, 12 noon; Nov 19, 9 PM; Nov 21, 12:45 AM (all times EST).

Yeah, I Really Do Think: Matthew Yglesias talks about Andrew Sullivan, the Iraq invasion, and the misuse of the word “irony.”

What Folks Won’t Do for Money: Ms. Musings, er, muses on a department store offering stripping lessons to sell lingerie and asks the burning question: What’s the difference between panties and underwear?

Women Loving Woman… to a Point: On Uppity Negro, we learn that Tori Amos loves women, but not that way. Her loss.

Another Kind of Hate The Melon Colonie offers a look at the ugliness that is bigotry against Gypsies.

This News Rocks! Over at Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, the story of a man charged with entering a restricted area during a presidential visit who has — get this — subpoenaed dissent squashers Karl Rove and John Ashcroft to appear at his trial. Awesome.

This News Chills: Prometheus 6 offers a pointer to Cryptome, which recently had a visit from agents of the F-B-fucking-I, who were looking for information. Apparently, nothing was illegal on Cryptome’s site, the feds said, but they were worried the info there might be a threat to the US. Holy Hannah, indeed. Read this and join the effort to repeal the PATRIOT Act!