Rush Limbaughtomy presents the 12 Steps to Recovery from Right-Wing Radio. This is a timely offering considering that El Rushbo, post-rehab, returns to the airwaves Monday.

Cheers to Body and Soul for noticing: Newspapers from a number of nations are covering the atrocities being committed against the Iraqi people by you know who. The US’s Boston Globe is too. So where are the rest of America’s mainstream media?

Thank goodness for Open Eyes, Open Ears, Open Mind, which opens up to kvetch about war profiteering and why Congressional Republicans didn’t do a damn thing to stop it.

Brian Flemming shares a bit of Thomas de Zengotita’s Harper’s Magazine article, which looks into how US right-wingers are casting themselves as rebels. Imagine that.

Prometheus 6 points to a WaPo piece in which British PM Tony Blair begs his constituents to give him and Dubya Bush a break. “Try not to believe that myself or President Bush are sort of badly motivated people who want to do the worst, just try and look at it from the perspective that we are talking on.” You mean put ourselves into the warmongers’ shoes? Uh, no. That would mean giving tacit approval to the GOP’s demented and arrogant Pax Americana scheme. Blair visits the US next week; Pen-Elayne on the Web has lots of news on the subject.

Mark A.R. Kleiman poses an appropriate question to GOPsters who moan and complain that libs aren’t nice enough: “If it’s wrong to call a President who current plans to run a second national campaign centered on a deception a ‘liar,’ because the word ‘liar’ is ‘incivil,’ what, pray, are we to call him?” I suggest “miserable failure.”

At Hammerdown, Spade Hammer pays tribute to the Shrub’s way of honoring US soldiers.

And Oxblog references a story from Scotland’s Sunday Herald: “In a new twist on the Mossad-was-responsible-for-9/11 shtick, the report suggests that Israel was aware that Al Qaeda had something big in the works but decided to keep quiet in the expectation that an attack on American citizens would generate sympathy for Israel.” Must-read stuff.

As is this: Left Is Right points to a terrific NPR interview with progressive presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. Visit, read, and take a listen.