Boondocks Creator Speaks Truth

Aaron McGruder's just stating facts, folks. If you pay someone to go out and shoot someone, you are as guilty of homicide as the person who actually pulls the trigger. That is the truth.

Following that logic, Aaron McGruder, the cartoonist behind the often brilliant strip “Boondocks” was absolutely correct when he called US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice “a murderer” on last weekend’s edition of the television show “America’s Black Forum.”


“I don’t like Condoleezza Rice because she’s part of this oil cabal that’s now in the White House,” McGruder said, as ABF hosts Armstrong Williams and Juan Williams looked on.

“I don’t like her because she’s a murderer,” the cartoonist announced.

The charged drew immediate condemnation from Armstrong Williams, who complained, “That is totally out of line to say she’s a murderer.”

Unfazed, McGruder repeated the accusation, stretching out his words, “S-h-e’-s a m-u-r-d-e-r-e-r.”

“Let’s put aside the fact that she’s affiliated with oil companies that murder people in Nigeria,” the cartoonist said. “We can discuss just this illegal Iraq war, the slaughtering of innocent people and the fact that she’s one of the big hawks of the administration.

“I don’t see where this is even a point of contention,” he insisted.

At that point cohost Juan Williams asked [civil-rights leader Julian Bond, also a guest on the program] if he supported McGruder’s contention.

“I generally agree with his politics 100 percent and I think he explained himself well,” the NAACP chief said.

Good going, Mr. Bond. Indeed, McGruder made his case.

You know what? It’s time to speak plainly, people. As thousands die in Iraq, we have to think about who caused this atrocity. Who launched the preemptive strike? Who aided and abetted the action? Who threatened to use murderous means to coerce Iraq into complying with their arrogant, hypocritical demands — and then sent in armed troops to make good on their threat? Who told all manner of falsehoods to convince a gullible public that launching bombs and missiles without a true prospect of imminent threat was a good thing to do?

The Shrub Gang, including Condi Rice, Rummy Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick bin Cheney, and the Terrorist-in-Chief himself, did.

Speak plainly, people. Call the Bush Gang what they are: Murderers’ Row.

And let the right-wing boo-hoo all it wants about civility and politeness and whatever. Is it impolite to call one who kills or plans a killing a murderer? No. It is telling the truth.

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18 thoughts on “Boondocks Creator Speaks Truth

  1. The Boonies

    I have a lunchtime ritual that I have held for many years. Everyday, while I have lunch, I do the crossword in the local paper. It may sound silly, to play a word game, but I find it helps me…

  2. No problem; I am becoming accustomed to Typepad’s quirks.

    Read your trackbacked article, Val, and yes, Condi Rice has accomplished much. (I understand she is a fine cellist too.) But if an honor student or Nobel Prize winner is involved in a murderous conspiracy, should that person get a pass? I don’t think so.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly.

    However, by extension, anyone who pays war taxes (including yours truly) also tacitly supports murder. Our taxes pay these people. I still pay mine– it’s a moral connundrum.

    Any tax-paying member of a totalitarian military state, from the top down has blood on his or her hands. We have to keep this in mind. We are all murderers.

  4. Oh, honey, I am well aware of that. I weep about it every day, and you don’t even want to think about my self-flagellation. At the same time, folks like you and me fight against it and against the warmongering system that gives people the option of financing murder or spening life behind bars. Hopefully, that will be a mitigating factor taken into consideration on judgment day. By rights, we ought to refuse to pay taxes and accept jail. But how do I square that with being here for my children? Conundrum, indeed.

  5. They should all be charged by the international criminal court with crimes against humanity, Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Wolfie, Condi, Powell, Feith, and the rest of the neo-con crew. War criminals all.

  6. They should all be charged by the international criminal court with crimes against humanity, Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Wolfie, Condi, Powell, Feith, and the rest of the neo-con crew. War criminals all.

  7. There is absolutely no GOOD reason why BUSH and his gang of murderers should not be sharing a cell with Milosovich….and Milosovich is a helluva lot smarter than bush…maybe not any nicer, but a helluva lot smarter…put bush in the court and make him defend himself without counsel, as milosovich elected to do of his own volition–god what a pitiful mess it would be. In any event, the appointed sonuvabitch and his gang of accomplices all belong in prison.

  8. Folks:

    We have to get that idiot and his crew OUTTA there! And we have to do it in such a fashion where the margin won’t even be close!

  9. fuck all of you polemist trash. enjoy your frustrated lives in the margins of american politics. if clinton invaded iraq and she worked for him most of you would be deafeningly silent.

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