UPDATED: Battle of the Filibusters

The Republicans are tired of having their archconservative judicials nominees rebuffed (164 judges is not enough for them). The Democrats are determined to ensure that Dubya Bush doesn’t poison the judiciary with any more dangerous right-wingers. Both sides say they’ll stay awake and keep babbling until one ends up on top. In short, Senate Smackdown is on. Let’s hope the Dems are victorious for once — if not, we’re screwed.

UPDATE: After two straight nights of alternately mind-numbing and passionate debate, Senate Smackdown came to an end. The body is back to, um, normal today, and Democrats reportedly are poised to block votes on GOP-favored rabid right-wing judicial nominees.

Reports ABC News:

The Senate culminated almost 40 hours of nonstop speeches with votes to end Democratic filibusters on three women judge nominees. Republicans needed 60 votes to advance those nominations, and conceded they would fall short again, as they have in a dozen previous votes on controversial appeals court nominees.

“I don’t see a way out,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who called for an extra nine hours of debate Thursday night and is considering suing the Senate to ban judicial filibusters. “Nobody is going to change their votes.”

Keep your fingers crossed, kids. Janice Brown and Co. have got to go.

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