AF&O Poll of the Week

Take part in the poll! Last week’s poll asked, “Was CBS correct in its decision not to air ‘The Reagans’?”

The results broke down like this:

In first place, 59 percent of pollees said, “No. CBS allowed right-wingers to decide what entertainment would be available to the rest of us, and that is grossly wrong and unfair.”

Next, we had a tie: 14 percent lambasted CBS, saying, “No; it was a slap in the face to the artists involved. Since when have TV movies been historically accurate?” Another 14 percent stood up for the Gipper, saying, “Yes. CBS would have been irresponsible to air a film trashing one of the greatest presidents ever.”

Ten percent of those who participated were more matter of fact: “Doesn’t matter. CBS has the right to do what it wants. Deal with it.”

And finally, three percent did not care.

Thanks to everyone for participating at Free Speech Central. Whatever your view, we appreciate it.

This week’s poll question is: “How should Bush deal with Iraq now?” The media say that the Shrub is speeding up plans to get the US out of the nation it invaded by the end of June 2004 (but its military presence will remain after the deadline). Too late? Too early? Should the soldiers go home to their loved ones now?

Tell us what you think! Cast your vote in the AF&O Poll of the Week. You’ll find it in the black box in the sidebar to the right.

You can only vote once. Results will be available next Sunday.

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