Remembering the Victims of Hate

Nov. 20 marks the Transgender Day of Remembrance. On this day, we recall and mourn the people killed and hurt in bias crimes by those who don’t approve of those with atypical gender identities. These people — who come from all backgrounds, belief systems, sexual orientations, etc. — don’t tend to make the headlines. Brandon Teena, Tyra Hunter, and Gwen Araujo are notable exceptions.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the Human Rights Campaign, and the National Organization for Women banded together to create a list of some names that you should get to know if you don’t already. These good people, murdered or wounded only for being themselves, represent the high price of hate. See the document here; it is in PDF, so you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to read it.

We will speak more to this issue and recall a special friend on the 20th, but I wanted to post this info from the inbox on Baltimore’s commemoration of the event, which takes place on Nov. 17:

Every year, hundreds of transgendered individuals are killed in bias crimes. The Transgender Day of Remembrance was set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. The Baltimore chapter of MATTER (Marylanders Advocating Towards Transgender Equal Rights ) is organizing a memorial service this year.

Their event will be held on Monday, Nov. 17, at the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore, Corner of N.
Charles and E. Franklin Streets. The event will run from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m., and will include a reception, a
service, and a town hall meeting.

Johns Hopkins University DSAGA (Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance) is helping organize the event and will provide rides to those interested. The vans will be leaving at 6:15 (early, to catch the reception) and 6:45 (later run, miss the reception but in time for the service and town hall meeting) pm on Monday. Meet in front of Levering at one of the times. Hope to see you there.

If you are in the Baltimore area, do attend. If you want more info, contact DSAGA.

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