Partial Victory in Massachusetts!

Gary Chalmers, left, and Rich Linnell, right, both of Northbridge, Mass., are among the plaintiffs in the gay marriage case. A Massachusetts court has ruled that the state’s ban on same-gender marriage is illegal! However, as the Associated Press reports, the ruling by state’s highest court stops short of allowing marriage licenses to couples who filed suit to challenge the ban. MSNBC reports that the Massachusetts legislature has been ordered to resolve the matter within six months.

Cross your fingers.

Folks, start badgering state lawmakers to demand equality for all in Massachusetts.

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  1. Hold the Bubbly

    Four Massachusetts justices struck a mighty blow for justice and family values today. But considering the right-wing’s virulent opposition to gay marriage, Natalie Davis warns that now is no time to celebrate — it is time for progressives to take action.

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