OK!: Change in Plans

It’s not my fault! I recently reported that the US’ Public Broadcasting System would air the London cast performance of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “Oklahoma!” tonight at 8 PM Eastern on Washington, DC’s PBS station, WETA. The information came directly from the PBS “Great Performaces” Web site. In fact, that information is still there. However, when I fired up the VCR and settled myself before the TV set in anticipation of seeing the wondrous Hugh Jackman and hearing him sing the opening lines of the show a cappella: “There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow …,” my hopes were dashed. A promo came on informing viewers that the program will air Sunday night at 9 PM.

Dammit. I have to wait four more days.

Apologies to all who are, like me, waiting in vain. Again, it’s not my fault. But enjoy the view of Hugh as cowboy Curly in the meantime.

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3 thoughts on “OK!: Change in Plans

  1. It’s on Sunday as well on my local station (WNET in New York City), showing at 7 and again at 11. Wish you could come up for it! I’d love to do a Hugh-watching with you, Natalie. 🙂

  2. Ditto, Elayne. If I weren’t so frickin’ broke, I would be up there in a heartbeat. But then, we would have seen BFO by now. I have dropped serious hints to mom and spouse that I want tickets more than anything. My birthday came and went without a word, so maybe Santa or Chanukah Harry will notice that I have been extra-good this year. At any rate, the goal is to get to NYC ASAP. Can’t imagine missing at least part of the winter holiday season up there; gotta take the boy to Macy’s.

  3. You know, your mention of WNET reminded me of a long-ago party to mark the refurbishment of the Statue of Liberty (mid-80s). I actually went to a party held on the roof of WNET’s building, near Central Park, if I recall. Very cool that was. Even Nipsey Russell was there. Nice guy.

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