The Bigger They Are…

Yowzah. From Unexplained Ordinances, “British Protestors Topple Statute of the ‘Evildoer'”

From the New York Times:

Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Trafalgar Square cheered and whistled today as a papier-mâché effigy of President Bush, painted gold to resemble the toppled statue of Saddam Hussein, was yanked to the ground at a peaceful rally.

Marching their way through the heart of the city as dusk settled over Big Ben, the protesters took to the streets to express their anger over Mr. Bush’s state visit, his policy on Iraq and his close alliance with Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The protest, which the police say was 70,000 strong and the organizers put at 150,000, was one of the biggest-ever midweek demonstrations in London. The police lined the streets along the demonstration route to ensure order, and succeeded in large measure.

How does it feel, Georgie? How does it feel? Oh, right, you welcomed British protests…

However the Shrub feels about it, here is some good old American protesting. Baltimore songwriter and musician Yikes McGee was kind enough to send one of his compositions to AF&O. The song is called “Bad President.” You can hear an MP3 of it at Baltimore Indymedia. I will post the lyrics and chords for those who want to play it themselves in the Protest Music Archive when I return home later today.

In the meantime, an excerpt from the lyrics:

We got a president so bad
Gotta be the worst we ever had.
Got the job ‘causa his dad
Now we’re all in danger. …

Compassionate conservative, my ass
In executions, unsurpassed
Surplus gone so fast
Divided, not united …

Put him in a straitjacket, there’s no doubt,
Let the psychiatrists figure him out.
Listen to the demonstrators cheer and shout
We’ll all feel better in the morning.

Thanks, Yikes!!

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