Even More on Massachusetts Marriage Ruling

Head over to Nurse Ratched’s Notebook! The good nurse allays some fears regarding the possibility of an anti-GLBT Massachusetts constitutional amendment to counteract the recent decision by the state’s highest court to overturn its gay-marriage ban.

There has been discussion of the possibility of an amendment to Massachusett’s state Constitution to prevent implementation of same-sex marriage in the wake of yesterday’s ruling, but according to Newsday.com, apparently that is not an option for recourse by state conservatives.<blockquoteThe court gave Massachusetts’ legislature 180 days to comply with its decision. Because it was based on state constitutional guarantees of liberty and equal protection, the decision cannot be appealed to federal court. Although the powerful speaker of Massachusetts’ House of Representatives, Democrat Thomas Finneran, and Republican Gov. Mitt Romney oppose same-sex marriages, most legal experts said the decision left little or no wiggle room. A constitutional amendment to limit marriage to heterosexual couples could not be put before voters until 2006.

(Emphasis Nurse Ratched’s)

Seriously, head over to Nursey’s; she has much more information on this crucial story. Now, there isn’t enough assurance to make me break open the champagne quite yet, but there is certainly enough to motivate a small sigh of relief and a wee smile for this frustrated pessimist. No bubbly for me ’til a US justice-of-the-peace says to a same-gender couple, “By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you legally married.” There is still a lot of road to travel…

Oh — and if you want to see a great roundup of the last seven days’ nooze, head to Open Source Politics’ Week in Brief.

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9 thoughts on “Even More on Massachusetts Marriage Ruling

  1. Didja see this one? The fate of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts would be pretty well sealed if polls like this one hold true & steady:

    Massachusetts residents, by a solid margin, said they supported the Supreme Judicial Court’s landmark decision legalizing gay marriage, according to a Boston Globe/WBZ-TV poll.

    The poll of 400 people, the first survey of Bay State residents since the court’s historic ruling, indicated that 50 percent agreed with the justices’ decision, and 38 percent opposed it. Eleven percent expressed no opinion.

    The poll also indicated that a majority opposed efforts by the Legislature, Governor Mitt Romney, and Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly to block same-sex marriages and allow civil unions instead.

    A majority, 53 percent, also opposed a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would ban same-sex marriages by defining marriage as an institution between a man and a woman. Thirty-six percent supported the amendment.

    A separate Boston Sunday Herald poll resulted in remarkably similar numbers, and:

    Another poll, by Merrimack College, found that 75 percent of Massachusetts adults support either allowing gay marriage or civil unions. That poll of 491 adults was conducted in the days before and after the decision, but the numbers didn’t shift after the ruling. The margin of sampling error was plus or minus 5 percentage points.

    Bay staters may not match the feisty don’t-fuck-with-me quotient of their Vermont neighbors, but it’s hard to imagine that they’ll listen to, much less be swayed by, the outsiders who are no doubt planning to descend on them to push for an amendment to the state constitution.

  2. I was delefinly support to allowed to gay to get marriage…. How
    would they be happy if congress said so…. Gay people should have
    right…. Because of I have a lot of friend who was gay… They were
    more understand how girls feel… I was understand of what
    bible said so and also i thought the state and
    church was not together so why would they put to not allowed to gay marriage….

  3. my comment is that every state should agree in gay couple marrige, they need to be happy two. i am not gay but i support gay marriges

  4. my comment is that every state should agree in gay couple marrige, they need to be happy two. i am not gay but i support gay marriges

  5. BUT WHY DO YOU OPPOSE! I see all of this complaining but no ‘straight’ facts of why people oppose to it….what is the reason….just because you think its wrong doesn’t mean squat. it just means that you are a wondering ass who wants to make people miserable because to beliefs. yeah yeah the bible says so….but, tuely is there any…medical reasons or WHAT!

  6. seriously who ever is against it just take a second to think who the fuk are you to tell 2 people not to be happy …. you are no one to stop two people from loving eachother just because unfurtunately its supposely is so wrong because society says so ….grow up

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