Saturday Reindeer Game

It's the AF&O Reindeer Game, and everybody is welcome to play! Time for today’s round of the game. Check out the Word of the Day at right and share your own sentence using the word. Today’s round is a serious one, for me, anyway. You can go serious or fun — it’s up to you — but play! And feel free to comment on other offerings.

OK, today’s word:


As usual, I’ll go first:

How I repine over the fact that too many of America’s so-called progressives are unwilling to fight for the legal equality of their GLBT brothers and sisters, for what is supposed to be the birthright of all citizens. Just wait, they say, your day will come … someday. In the meantime, do what we tell you to do. Where is the morality in this? Where is the humanity? Where is the compassion for those who are second-class under law by virtue of nothing more than who they are? This is not about compassion, they say. We do care, but, beating Bush is job one. No. They don’t care, not really. Truth is, making America honest is job one. Demanding that the US actually be what it claims — a place where all are equal under law. To do that would take courage they simply don’t have, blinded as they are by what is “winnable,” what is “possible.” Real progressives stand up for equality and against anti-equality candidates, such as all of the Democratic presidential wannabes save Braun, Kucinich, and Sharpton. “But they can’t win, and you are the problem!” the nominal “progressives” moan, pointing fingers at anyone but themselves. It is soul-crushing to witness their obvious lack of understanding of the kindergarten concept that an honorable person does what is right — not when it is convenient, not when victory is assured, but always, and only because it is the right and just thing to do. No, they don’t get it and what’s worse, they malign those who don’t march in lockstep with them on the road to expediency. Oh, oh, OH! How I repine.

Your turn.

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