AF&O Poll of the Week

Take part in the poll! Last week’s poll asked, “How should Bush deal with Iraq now?”

The results broke down like this:

An overwhelming 67% of those who responded answered, “The incompetent US should turn over control to the UN and clear out now.”

Fourteen percent said, “The US should work hand in hand with the UN now to get Iraq in shape.”

Ten percent responded, “The June date for getting Iraqi self-rule in place is good; the troops should stay after June.”

And there was a tie for last place: Five percent said, ,”I am for the June deadline, but the troops should come home at that time”; the same number of participants said, “I do not care.”

Meaning, the vast majority of participants — admittedly a predominantly progressive bunch — want the US and its soldiers out of Iraq now.

Thanks to all who took the survey for taking part here at Free Speech Central.

Time for this week’s AF&O Poll. Eight weeks ago, we asked for your pick in the Democratic presidential race. At the time, we did so knowing that we would ask the question periodically to see whether — and if so, how — views would change as time passed. So, we ask again, although this time, we will expand the playing field to include someone who has not yet announced whether he will run. (Fear not, as time passes, the names will change, and Republican[s] will be included. The software only allows 10 choices.)

What do you think? Whom do you support in the 2004 presidential race now?

Tell us what you think! Cast your vote in the AF&O Poll of the Week. You’ll find it in the silver-colored box in the sidebar to the right.

You can only vote once. Results will be available next Sunday.

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5 thoughts on “AF&O Poll of the Week

  1. Old poll’s still up. Guess you’re still a bit tired from that 4-hour pledgefest yesterday… I can’t believe I actually forgot about it! I watched from about 11 PM to around 1 AM, that was all I could deal with, but my was Jackman yummy, and in excellent voice!

    Anyway, to your question: If you had the poll up, put me in as a vote for Kucinich.

  2. I thought WNET was showing OK! tonight… I get to see yummy Hugh tonight at 9 PM on Washington’s WETA. Oh, what a beautiful Suuuun-daaaay…

    In the meantime, I have the London cast recording, so as you can imagine I’ve been having Hugh-induced eargasms all weekend. Wow, can that man sing — there are not too many tenors with a baritone’s vocal power. What can’t this man do? (Beside running away with me.) Oh, and the video/DVD of the production is newly available, as are the “Boy from Oz” cast recording and the X-2 video and DVD — there is lots of Hugh to keep us busy. Guess I’ll put those amazon links to work, though I have dreaded doing so.

  3. Can’t you use B&N links instead? Yeah, for some reason I’d originally thought it was the 22nd but it was the 21st instead… ah well, caught about two hours of it at least…

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