Loading you up with good reads in case Turkey Day takes me away from the computer… No, I don’t celebrate T-Day the way most Americans do, but on this first occasion without my dad, I will spend the day with mom, brother and sister-in-law, nieces and nephews, and my spouse and kiddies to give thanks for Dad and for having a super-duper family. In the meantime, enjoy the following.

The Black Commentator hearkens back to the recent US Senate filibuster on right-wing judicial nominations and notices quite a bit of hypocrisy coming from the GOP side of the aisle.

Speaking of hypocrisy, Body and Soul looks at the dubious “honorable” stature of California’s Republican Governator. And MaxSpeak looks at GOPsters and pork.

Al-Muhajabah at Veiled for Allah points to a great piece calling on people to move beyond stereotypes and sweeping generalizations about women in the Middle East.

LatinoPundit seconds my emotion on the persecution of certain people who exercise their First Amendment rights.

From a few days ago, but worth reading: Ampersand at Alas, a Blog defends the need for an Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution.

Damn, damn, damn. I wish Angry Asian Man offered links to his insightful, passionate entries. Visit and read!

Kudos to Lisa English at Ruminate This for noting the sad truth: Following the passage of the troubling Medicare bill, the AARP is now little more than another insurance agency — and that is not a good thing.

Journalist Greg Palast lightens up and offers a humorous look at what the Massachusetts high court’s same-sex ruling could mean. In a more serious vein, Jayelle’s Journal presents a bisexual viewpoint on marriage equality in a letter she wrote to her hometown newspaper.

Is Congress’ anti-spam bill any good? Lawrence Lessig posts a couple of pointers to articles that consider the legislation a real turkey.

Speaking of American Eat with Those You Will Annihilate Day, Elayne Riggs points to a couple of pieces on Adbusters’ Buy Nothing Day (yes, I will be participating in that on Black Friday) and makes me want a grande mint hot chocolate. Mmmm… minty cocoa…

Negro, Please talks about an interesting exchange with S-Train of the S-Train Canvass on the Matrix films. This never occurred to me, as I generally don’t think about things such as melanin, but it is a cool point. One love, indeed — and as Sting sang, “One world is enough for all of us.”

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