Wednesday Reindeer Game

It's the AF&O Reindeer Game, and everybody is welcome to play! Time for today’s round of the game. Check out the Word of the Day at right and share your own sentence using the word. Come on and play — you’ll have fun. Oh, and feel free to comment on other sentences.

OK, today’s word:


As usual, I’ll go first:

The rapacious rogues of the Bush Administration continue destroying America with their intolerable acts.

Show us what you can do. Take a turn!

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Reindeer Game

  1. The rapaciousness of GOP efforts to bump maximum TV viewership up to 39%, despite congressional intent, would be galling as a covert operation. Hearing it labeled a “compromise” has me dumbfounded.

  2. I actually used this word in my blog recently!

    As soon as I saw this on the Reindeer Game, it dawned on me that this would be ideal as part of a Hip-Hop performer’s name: Rapacious X-2D! Maybe Rapacious X-2D could go out with Beyonce.

    Happy holiday, turkey or not!

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