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10 Preliminary Actions to Defeat Bush in 2004

My fellow Americans, the Presidential Campaign has begun. We, the citizens of America, must start taking action immediately to win next fall. The following 10 actions are what everyone should start doing now, before the Presidential race heats up. My suggestion: print out this page, start with the first action and work your way down the list. Once you’ve taken the action, check it off and move on to the next one.

  1. Be Confident Your Vote is Counted. Next November, for the first time in American history, states plan on using no paper ballots. Electronic voting machines, which have many potential flaws, will be depended on. The potential problems that could result would make Florida 2000 look like a walk in the park. We can stop the potential problems by having a paper record kept. Sign the petition at and learn more about the problem. Contact your Senators and Congressman (Especially the Republicans!) in every single one of these ways: phone calls, letters, e-mails, faxes, and by visiting their local state offices. Ask them to support the voter confidence bill HR 2239 introduced by Congressman Rush Holt (D) of New Jersey. Go even further by contacting your local newspaper, T.V., and radio stations about the problem. This is the most urgent of all current actions.
  2. Choose Your Actions. Think and reflect upon what actions you are interested in taking. For more information regarding what actions are available read activist and campaign handbooks. Consider every single action you hope to take and begin preparing through self-education. Some of the most effective actions in 2004 will be: Registering Voters, Canvassing Neighborhoods, Fundraising, Educating the Public, and Influencing the Media. Sign up for the mailing list at to learn of the numerous actions that will be available.
  3. Choose Your STATE of Action. We must emphasize the importance of taking action in Swing States and take action in them. If you live in one of the following swing states, you will likely focus all of your efforts on your state: California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, New York, New Hampshire, and Maine. If you don’t live in a Swing State, split time between taking action in your state and a neighboring swing state. Determine which swing states are good for you.
  4. Educate Yourself. Keep up on the current political scene and Bush’s Record. Subscribe to the following email lists: daily politics and daily newsletter. Bookmark,, and and utilize their excellent sections on Bush’s Record: Emphasize the following issues: Homeland Security, War in Iraq, Health Care, Social Security, Employment and the Economy, Military Treatment.
  5. Join a Group or Organization. By ‘Join’, I do not mean sign up for an e-mail list or give money. I mean using your physical self to attend meetings, provide input, listen to others, work with others, and participate with actions designed to defeat Bush. Get involved with a Presidential Candidates Campaign or special interest group (local [Green Party, Human Rights Campaign], Sierra Club, NOW, Democrats, NAACP, etc.) near your hometown. If you’d like, form a group utilizing resources in your local newspaper and phone book, the Internet, and libraries. We cannot act alone if we are to be successful. Organize, participate, and work with others.
  6. Donate Money. Money is going to be a huge factor in ’04. Each of us must do our part no matter how small. All of our donations of $10, $25, $50, $100, or more add up to give us, the people of America, power and a voice. Start donating money now and be prepared to donate more during the campaign. and are two organizations that need your help and are exclusively devoted to Defeating Bush next year.
  7. Support Alternative Media. Send a signal to the corporate media giants that they’re not doing their job good enough. Moreover, you’ll receive more diverse viewpoints and get the stories not usually mentioned on T.V. For magazines read The Nation, In These Times, The Progressive, Zmag, and Mother Jones. For news websites visit,,,, and [AF&O also recommends the wealth of resources, news sites, and weblogs in the sidebar.] For radio and web casts, visit,,, and If you can, donate money to the media source. As for news on T.V., I would only watch it for comedic purposes, since nearly every broadcast is joke.
  8. Boycott Bush Donors. Why should we support companies that are helping Bush get elected? Are we crazy? Not anymore. We do have a choice, so let’s make it. Put your money where your mind and heart are and boycott companies who favor Bush by donating a disproportionate amount of campaign money to Republicans. Oil Companies include: Exxon-Mobil, Chevron-Texaco, and BP-Amoco. Buy gas from Shell or a local facility. Phone companies include Verizon, BellSouth, Sprint, and MCI. AT&T and are safe. Tech companies include Ebay, Gateway, and Texas Instruments. Everyday companies include Wal-Mart, Coca Cola products, Pepsi products, Anheuser-Busch products, Hallmark Cards, and Tyson Foods. Transportation companies include Ford, Chrysler, UPS, Fed Ex, Delta, Continental, Southwest, and Enterprise. Safe companies are GM, USPS, American, United, and Northwest. Few financial institutions are safe. I put my money in a local bank and credit union. Go a step further and write/call/fax the companies about your intentions to boycott and explain why. There are many more companies that favor Bush. Visit to learn more.
  9. Spread the Word. Tell as many friends, acquaintances, family members, and co-workers why you’re taking action to defeat Bush. Appeal to their self-interest by talking about the issues they care about. Discuss Bush’s record on the issues and give them handouts, books, magazines, articles, etc. that explain Bush’s record. Emphasize not only the importance of taking action, but how taking action can be fun and does make a difference. If you reach them, give them a copy of this list and take action together. It’s much more fun working with people.
  10. Make Copies of this List! This is NOT copyrighted; it can be reproduced in any way without the author’s consent. Post this list, legally, where people will be able to read it. Make copies and hand them out. Put the public on notice: You are not alone; Tens of Millions of Americans want Bush out. We can defeat him and must. With all of us, including you, taking action, we will succeed. Perhaps then common sense will return to the Whitehouse.
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9 thoughts on “STOP BUSH!

  1. Hey! The website owner actually commented on my other post! What a rarity… I think I might just hang out now and make this one of the weblogs I read! So why not start with explaining to the liberal left why resistance is futile in a reborn America that is sending the traitors party to Paris, France where its agenda is more palatable. 🙂

    1.) Be Confident Your Vote is Counted.

    It always was counted, Gore, not Bush, contested the results of the election in Florida, filing a complaint to be settled in the courts, not the ballot box, where George Bush won the vote count. It was Gore, not Bush, who placed the fate of the election into the courts. Bush had already won Florida. Two subsequent state-wide recounts, after the election, one by the left wing St. Petersburg Times, proved that George Bush won the popular vote in Florida.

    2.) Choose Your Actions.

    We have, it is called the largest GOP “grassroots” organization ever built by the republican party since WWII it is called . Local and state GOP organizations have followed the lead by “walking” their precincts before every election, using local “Precinct Captains” to organize local GOP voters. Granted, Sicilian Mafia controlled Unions came up with the idea first in their efforts to retain control over the central government by supporting the DNC, but we decided to steal the idea since it was working so well for the left. 🙂

    3.) Choose Your STATE of Action.

    Swing states??? California??? I think the left has had a memory lapse, remember Gray “Taxaholic” Davis? Ya, he was ran out on a rail by the citizens who had taken quite enough, funny thing how almost half of those that wanted him out were his own party huh? Florida??? Another memory lapse??? Hey Jeb, come explain to the left who runs Florida, and who won the vote there. Arkansas??? Like anyone really cares what comes from a state that lauds “Slick Willy Klintoon” as the “Greatest President Ever”. An irrelvant vote at best. Missouri, Georgia, Tennesse??? Naaaa… Count them out, they are heavy Southern Baptist states who were appalled by the ten commandments debacle in Alabama that the Liberal Left hung itself with. Going after Judge Roy, and eventually seeing him fired was a great move, now he is a martyr. Even Julius Caesar preferred capitulation over making his enemies a martyr.

    4.) Educate Yourself.

    Indeed, look through history at the accomplishments of the Left… President Woodrow Wilson sat by as the communist revolution was launched and helped themselves to killing 5 million people via starvation. Calvin Coolidge yawned as the communists continued on their rampage of world domination adding 6 more countries to their evil empire. Herbert Hoover lucked out, no new conquests for the great model of socialism, but they did take the opportunity to butcher 5-15 million more while Herb turned a blind eye. And then the Left’s Hero of democracy, Franklin Roosevelt. He was Joseph “Uncle Joe” Stalin’s best buddy, but hey, someone needed to be friends with the greatest mass murderer in history huh? Franky sold out eastern europe at yalta, handed the keys to the world to Russia at the U.N, 6 more countries fall to the USSR, 12-20 million people murdered, and of course there was the 10 million forced into slave labor, gulags are russian country clubs ya know. 🙂 Of course we cant give Frank all the credit, his soviet spy buddy Alger Hiss fed him what he needed to do direct from his cables from Moscow. Did I forget to mention that under Frankypoo, the USSR began installing spies in the top levels of our central government? And then there was President Truman, he showed his gratitude for everything Roosevelt had done, by promoting the installed soviet spies to higher levels of security in government. Harry cheered as China was lost to communisim, china invaded Tibet, the soviets picked up a few new countries, and clamped down on existing ones. Harry started the Korean War by the way, as Ho Chi Minh was telling the world Vietnam was now communist. John F. Kennedy… Ahhh Mr. “Bay of Pigs” double crossed those who were fighting for freedom in Cuba, by pulling out of the air cover deal, maybe he was too busy with one of the women in his harem? Marilyn methinks… US missles ended up being yanked out of Turkey (Thanx John!) And the Vietnam war was started by Johnny K. (Funny how Harry started Korea, and Ike finished it, John F started Vietnam, and Nixon finished it? A pattern maybe of the left’s handling of war???) The soviets beat the US in space sending the first man in orbit, and that berlin wall that Ronald Reagan finally got knocked down was erected under JFK. Jimmy Carter has to be my favorite save Klintoon. The USSR had just about taken over the world, but Mr. Peanut helped them get Nicaragura, The Seychelles, and Grenada. As the soviets were invading Afghanistan, Jimmy lifted the ban on travel to Cuba and No. Korea, to celebrate, Cuba dispatched a military force to Ethiopia. (Such friendly countries they were.) Remember the day Ronald Reagan was inagurated? Our Iranian hostages were released on that day after Jimmy had failed to get them out with his childish helocopter scheme that killed members of Delta force. Ahhh, remember those odd and even days to buy gasoline? The long lines and the 10 gallon limit? Yup that was on Carter’s watch alrighty. And then came William Jefferson Clinton… What can I say about him that hasn’t already been said? Somalia? hee hee, now there was a left wing military blunder. (You expected me to mention Perjury, evidence tampering, wire fraud, extortion, “JFK style” adultry??? Naaa, his high crimes and misdemeanors, as well as derrelecion of duty are too numerous to get into here.)

    5.) Join a Group or Organization.

    “Green Party”??? Aren’t they big supporters of in country terrorist organizations like “ELF” & “PETA” (Earth Liberation Front/People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Who considers themselves “activists” via Arson, Destruction of property, Murder, Extrotion??? “Sierra Club”??? Oh ya, the Southern California wildfires and the Sierra Club’s lobbying to keep the areas that burned from being cleared of the brush, smart move from a treehugging standpoint, bad move for the folks that died, the homes lost, and the millions in damages, the halt of a county-wide infrastructure… Uh-Huh. “NOW”??? Ya, “Bra-Burning” was fun in the 70’s, but in the reborn America, Women are starting to want to be women again. Some women actually like having doors opened for them, they like men to treat them as special, and fawn and coo over them. Sure they can get jobs, but more and more men lately have pitched in at home, and lightened the load for the woman who chooses to be a “housewife”. Besides, to hear them cheer on the murder of humans in the womb, yet trumpeting how horrible the death penality is, does get kinda tiring in the way of hipocracy. “NAACP”??? Uh-Huh, they just lost one of thier lawyers of 19 years when he was told that his freedom of speech was not allowed because he supported Bush’s hispanic judicial nominee. To hear that man on TV describe how the NAACP has been in the hip-pocket of the DNC, and has ignored the best interests of the afro-american community was music to the GOP ears.

    6.) Donate Money.

    Bush isn’t accepting federal funding, the flood gates are wide open, the left will never compete, no matter what Soros likes to make them think. You can’t count the AFL-CIO, they are running from bankruptcy this election season. (Organized crime isn’t what it used to be!) Even “Liberal Hollywood” has began to sway with the ouster of Gray “Drivers licences for illegal immigrants” Davis, oh no, Dem soft cash will be too low this election to even make 2004 a real contest.

    7.) Support Alternative Media.

    Now there we agree! The Liberal Left Media has destroyed the public’s confidence, no american cares what the left controlled media has to say let alone to believe it! CBS never did air that “Reagan Special” did it now? Viacom pushed it off to Showtime, which is a win in itself since HBO/Cinemax controls the pay market. Indy media is the wave of the future, I support going to the indy to get the real scoop on what is happening in your local area. FOX News is still good though, america knows a reputable news source when they see it. 🙂

    8.)Boycott Bush Donors.

    Yaaa… Right… We need them more than they need us. We cannot live without the big money companies that back Bush/Cheney 2004, but hey, if ya wanna live without just about everything, be my guest. 🙂

    9.) Spread the Word.

    See #2

    10.) Make Copies of this List!

    Well, I’ll tell ya what, how about instead I tell folks where is so they can go there and decide for themselves what their reaction will be??? I prefer to allow folks to think for themselves, and base their opinions on their own personal beliefs and feelings. 🙂

  2. We welcome readers of all stripes, so we’re happy to have you aboard.

    First, though, you’ll have to realize that I do not speak for the Left, only for myself. This was posted merely to provide the info; I am not a Democrat and I do not support the Democratic Party.

    That said:

    1. I dispute Bush’s win of Florida and of the nation. Katherine Harris made moves to ensure that the election was unfair and that legitimate voters could not cast ballots, so any of those findings you cite are all BS to me. The resident — he is not president IMO — was selected, not elected. (Oh, and if anyone wants to send me to Paris, cool — tell them to send enough money to cover relocation expenses for me, the spouse, and two kids.)

    2. Whatever works for ya.

    3. Whatever the fallout, it is important to do that which is correct — including defending the separation of church and state. Some may consider Judge No Moore a martyr, but those same people believe a lot of wacky stuff. California, well, is California.

    4. Read up on both parties. Read the history of US foreign policy. Read any and everything. And study Gandhi. THERE is an education. Trust your own brain; don’t march in lockstep with ANYONE. As for women: Oh, please. This woman doesn’t need a man to do anything for me to be a woman. A bicycle would be much more useful. And I am quite capable of opening doors for myself, thanks. Do you define being a woman as being submissive? How sad for you and any women who have dealings with you. 😉

    5. I belong to no political party. But I prefer the Greens to the GOP and the Dems. Yes, some groups are imperfect. So are your right-wing and Religious Wrong organizations. And how about “white supremacist” groups that call themselves Republican?

    6. Like the Shrub needs money. If things get tough, he knows the not-Supremes will allow him to continue squatting in the White House. All the more reason for anti-Bushers to donate money.

    7. You lose credibility with me by labeling the media left-wing. They suck up to whomever is in power to a very large extent. What you cite is a myth; what a sad shame people buy that crap.

    8. I live without most things now. Boycott Bush Supporters.

    9. Yeah, see #2.

    10. I’m all for that. Let the people think for themselves. What a nice change that would be.

  3. Well glad to be here! Most Liberal/Progressives delete dissent, so it was a shock not only to see my comments remain, but to see a well thought out and honest rebuttal to them, Bravo Ms. Harris! BTW, my comments were directed to the “Left”, it just so happens the DNC is controlled by the “Left”. If I unknowingly made it appear that I accused you of being a Democrat, I apologize, I myself would be enraged if someone eluded to me being a DEM. 🙂 Paris, ya really wanna go there? I myself prefer the Rome, Athens, Cairo tour. Ancient relics of the past civilazations would be a nice trip too ya know, don’t count out the ruins too quick…

    .1) Kathrine Harris was tried and convicted of crimes by a jury of her peers? Ya see, here in the gold old USofA, we need evidence, a trial, and a desicion by a jury of ones peers before we can scream “Guilty”. When I see the court transcripts of the trial, where her guilt is proven, I will pipe in a guilty along with ya! 🙂

    3.) Ahhh… Ol’ Judge Roy is quite the “Marytr” indeed… The Southern Baptist Convention lauds him as a hero, and being the largest Christian lobby group in the USA, they throw untold weight around at the local church level, which affects all political parties, as well as both social classes. All major denomonations laud Roy as dern near a saint, bad move on the liberal “God is Dead” agenda.

    4.) I am quite the reader and researcher! If you keep track of my posting round this great internet of ours, you will see that all of my “Right-Wing Propiganda” is heavily based in cold hard fact. What good does it do to have a system of beliefs and ideals, if you cant back them with public record??? 🙂 Ghandi? Great man! Mother Teresa? Great woman! “Selflessness” is something this country could use a whole lot more of indeed! As for women? My definition? “Adult Female Human” I will defer to websters dictionary on their wonderful definition. Submissiveness? To God, not me. Woman is the helper of man, not the servant or slave of man, my wife serves her God through her husband. She has quite the bit of self-esteem, if she cannot be happy with herself, and who and what she is, she can never be happy no matter what you or I say here on this weblog. Sad? Naaa… Women I know are happy with their lives, and don’t need sheep groups like “NOW” to tell them what a woman should be, women I know define themselves as women by what they feel a woman should be, not by a mans or a groups view. 🙂

    5.) Eh, Greens are better than Dems any day, and I do have leanings towards the “Flat Tax”, and our environment could use a little more attention. (Off the record of course! Ha Ha Ha, don’t want my RNC membership revoked!) First ammendment applies to all, the kkk, the naacp, stormfront, jdl, mecha, neo-nazi’s. If ya say one group is not allowed, it will domino into the rest… I do not approve of white supremecy, but I do approve of their right to exist and speak.

    6.) Money is moot in 2004, Bush/Cheney can’t count the incoming donations as fast as they come in! (Soft money pours like a faucet!) America historically will NEVER let the left handle the executive office during war, there is no hope, 2004 is a landslide GOP victory… Now… 2008 is a dangerous year for the GOP, the war will be over (Repubs finish wars quickly) And that will leave the door wide open for Hillary Clinton! Hillary will win in a 2008 landslide, there is no way the GOP can stop it! But… The GOP must retain control of both houses of Congress, and they can blockade hillary’s entire term, and then say “I told ya so” which will open the door for GOP control of the white house in 2012!

    7.) You lose credibility with me thinking the left is NOT in control of the media! Where have you been??? The “Times” syndicate is left-wing, the “Post” syndicate is left-wing, the “Tribnue” syndicate is left-wing, AOL-Time-Warner is left-wing, Viacom/CBS, Disney/ABC, General Electric/NBC, all left-wing! Hello??? The News Corporation Limited/FOX Broadcasting is the ONLY “Right-Wing” controlled media outlet. (Thanx Rupert Murdoch!)

    10.) Exactly, we agree again! Sheep, be they whatever party or social class contribute NOTHING to our country, it is the thinkers, and the action takers that deserve credit for any and all changes that come about. If ya want something done, ya gotta do it yourself. 🙂

  4. One note: I don’t debate when it can be avoided. No point, as neither I nor my opponents will change our views. Frankly, I have better things to do with my time and it is in the interest of my health that I avoid needless stress.

    But a couple of things: The entities you cite as liberal are clearly centrist/Demublican. They don’t represent a progressive point of view.

    I would love nothing better than to see Katherine Harris stand trial. But be realistic: Her crimes against the nation, decency, and humanity were in service to the “leaders” you love — she will never stand as a defendant. But she should, Blanche, she should.

    NOW doesn’t tell me how to be a woman; I do. If some women are happy in submissive roles, that’s their choice. Be honest, though — not all women are happy bowing and scraping and having doors opened for them, and there is nothing wrong with that. Good for them for not submitting to such an antediluvean way of life if it is against their wishes.

    I don’t support Hillary Clinton or most of the Dem candidates.

    All major denominations laud Judge No Moore as a “saint”? Better recheck your cold hard facts. Same about most liberal/progressive bloggers deleting dissent. That comment of yours is a smear, nothing less and it is akin to me saying that all conservative bloggers verbally abuse dissenters. Is that statement true (noting that your visit was filled with nasty statements about your political and philosophical opponents)? Your behavior notwithstanding, of course not. 🙂

    I don’t support Mother Teresa, who only helped those she could hound with Catholic “morality,” which, AFAIC, negated the help.

    You class the NAACP with the JDL, KKK and neo-Nazis? Wow, *I* get to invoke Godwin’s Law!

  5. I am not debating, just addressing replies and posts. 🙂

    Liberals akin themselves to being “Progressive”, I don’t make them align themselves…

    If Harris truly did what she is accused of, then I would like nothing more than to see her jailed. But I cannot convict her on the accusations of those who show no evidence to support their claim. Would you yourself be happy if folks made accusations about you, yet could show no proof to substantiate their claims???

    “Be honest, though — not all women are happy bowing and scraping and having doors opened for them, and there is nothing wrong with that.”

    Not all women are happy in a submissive role, and there is nothing wrong with that at all… 🙂

    “All major denominations laud Judge No Moore as a “saint”? Better recheck your cold hard facts.”

    The major ones indeed do… Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, Mormon. The ones with the highest membership #’s stand right at his side, do the research yourself.

    “Same about most liberal/progressive bloggers deleting dissent. That comment of yours is a smear, nothing less and it is akin to me saying that all conservative bloggers verbally abuse dissenters.”

    I see you don’t get around much farther than your own blog… I spend quite a bit of time at both Conservative weblogs, as well as Liberal ones. As soon as a so-called liberal posts on a conservative weblog, 9 times out of 10 he/she is verbally abused… “Crackpot, Treehugger, Troll, Pedaphile, NAMBLA supporter…” The list goes on and on of the namecalling I have seen from both sides. And I have watched too many of my comments being deleted from so-called “liberal and or progressive” weblogs. And I have seen comments deleted from conservative weblogs as well, no matter which side of the coin does the deletion, it amounts to censorship of dissent. The truth hurts, but claiming I am wrong with no evidence to support it doesn’t heighten your credibility with the thinking man or woman of action.

    “(noting that your visit was filled with nasty statements about your political and philosophical opponents)?”

    Your republican bashing, your Bush bashing, your conservative bashing, your bashing of the religious right, your bashing of the heterosexual, your bashing of anyone who differs from your opinion is perfectly acceptable, yet when those who are the victims of your bashing attempt to wear the same shoes as you in voicing their humorous dissent of your views, you gleefully trumpet “Slander”? How is that progressive??? Moving forward is to condemn all but you and those who support your view??? To be progressive, would require an open mind, a willingness to listen to, and examine yourself and your beliefs paralel with those who question.

    “You class the NAACP with the JDL, KKK and neo-Nazis? Wow, *I* get to invoke Godwin’s Law!”

    So it is ok for colored peoples to be advanced, but not the jew, the white, or those who are non-colored? Freedom and the first ammendment are only offered to the colored peoples of the country? Thats Progressive??? Remember, you take the rights away from one group, and one day those who removed the rights from them will come for you next!


  6. “Would you yourself be happy if folks made accusations about you, yet could show no proof to substantiate their claims???”

    Nope, but the truths of Harris’ activities have been circulating since late 2000. Just like the Plame truths and the 9/11 truths, what the Bushites don’t want will somehow go away and be ignored.

    I don’t bash, I state my opinion. The Religious Wrong is, I believe, morally wrong, and I say so. That’s bashing? No. I don’t bash Bush — I tell the truth about him. Calling Dubya a terrorist is like saying a plumber is a plumber. And if you dig into the archives, you will see that I am no fan of Clinton or Gore either. And when did I bash heterosexuals? I criticized heterosupremacy. Big difference. When GOPsters do good things, I say so. Credit where it is due. And if you read much of what I write, you will see that I do a good bit of criticizing Democrats and nominal progressives too.

    “So it is ok for colored peoples to be advanced, but not the jew, the white, or those who are non-colored?”

    Oh, come now, that’s just a stupid statement. I am not an NAACP members (I don’t believe in the concept of “race”), but I do know the organization i not about non-advancement for non-members.

    As far as dissent deletions, I read many blogs. Not many conservative ones, to be sure, because what’s the point of raising my blood pressure? Reading right-wing mags and listening to Rush suffices more than enough. Lord knows, I have learned nothing of worth from right-wing blogs. There are exceptions, but those people tend to be thoughtful and avoid abuse. As for liberal blogs, I read all the ones listed at right, some more often than others. Yes, some get bogged down in namecalling for namecalling’s sake; they are ones I won’t read often. But no, I have not noticed deletions of dissent — then again, perhaps that is because the dissent has been deleted.

    As a pacifist and evolving Gandhian, I don’t want to be mixed up in the debates on either side. My views are not acceptable to rightists, centrists, and many so-called leftists. Why go looking for trouble when I have more than enough to do in trying to deal with my life and working to repair what I can of a horribly broken world? Not to mention trying to get ducks queued for my eventual expatriation. So I do my reading and research, I do my writing and activism, and I am done with it. You and the others can have the squabbling.

  7. “I don’t bash, I state my opinion.”

    Must be nice, I guess I am stuck with your description of “Nasty”, and “Slurs” (Seeing as I don’t bash either, I just state my opinion.). Not enough room on top of that ivory tower for lil ol me? 🙂

    “Oh, come now, that’s just a stupid statement. I am not an NAACP members (I don’t believe in the concept of “race”), but I do know the organization i not about non-advancement for non-members.”

    You conveniently removed Mecha from my quote when firing back, leaving the whites and jews alone in it for your statement. Minister Farrakhan himself couldn’t had done a better job with that response!

    “My views are not acceptable to rightists,”

    Have you not read some of my comments on posts where I have wholeheartedly agreed with you??? Good gracious Ms. Davis, not all rightists are the neo-conservative pigs that shoot off their mouths on message boards and weblogs on the internet. Granted I tend to use neo-conservative humor to make my point, but where I have agreed with you, I have in all sincerity.

  8. In your first post, you came on calling libs “traitors.”

    Do you really believe that is fact, or is it a bash or a bash-in-jest?

    Conventiently left out Mecha? Not on purpose; I just grabbed a couple and replied. Comparing me to Farrakhan is horrifying. He *is* comparable to the KKK, et al.

    Most of… then continue forward. Borrowing your way of looking at things, you conveniently left out the “centrists, and many so-called leftists” that don’t approve of my views either.

    There was humor? OK. As I’ve said, I tend not to find any of this fun or pleasant.

  9. “In your first post, you came on calling libs “traitors.””

    In my “Opinion” their actions historically have been in the interests of those who oppose national interest, ergo they are traitors. 🙂

    “Do you really believe that is fact, or is it a bash or a bash-in-jest?”

    Their actions are a matter of public record, ergo it is a fact.

    “you conveniently left out the “centrists, and many so-called leftists””

    I cannot speak on or for them in refrence to your views, as I am not aligned with them.

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