Pardon Me While I Heave

Think Rush is bad? Give right-wing radio bigot Hal Thompson a listen. The S-Train Canvass introduced me to a radio talk-show host who “calls himself a conservative but he’s really a bigot with no agenda and a big mouth. This man is quite hilarious if you have a jailhouse sense of humor like I do.” Obviously, I don’t share my friend’s sense of humor. Literally, this radio guy makes me sick.

In “Hal Thompson: All Consuming Wimp,” S-Train introduces us to Thompson, who syndicates his program from New York City, and whom the righteously outraged ‘Train engaged in an on-air phone call.

I had to visit Thompson’s cesspool of filth and excrement Web site for myself. There, I saw these news headlines and others Note: I don’t support or agree with any of the following and fully decry the language used and sentiments expressed; this information is presented in the name of opposition research and activist education):

“FORMER ESTATE MANAGER FOR MICHAEL JACKSON GOES ON TV AND SAYS JACKO IS A ‘GAY PEDOPHILE’ … If true, Michael Jackson needs to be lynched form the nearest tree.”

“UN URGES DESTRUCTION OF ISRAELI NUKES … Hell will freezo over before those filthy, murderous, hook-nosed kikes ever gave up their illegal weapons of mass destruction.”


Ugh, I feel filthy…

Couple of things: Thompson does have the First Amendment on his side. And two, aren’t we better off having these racist, violent motherfucking, scum-sucking assholes (sorry) fellow children of the Creator out in the open where we can see and hear them? Aren’t we better off having such vile proof available to remind us to be ever vigilant?

Turner says he believes in “no censorship” even of potentially offensive points of views from “virulent” groups (oh, his views aren’t disgusting and virulent enough?) — if you can stomach it, put him to the test: In the US and Canada, call him on-air toll-free at 1-800-825-5419; outside of the US, he can be reached at 1-201-348-8449. You can IM him at “HalTurnerShow” too or send him email.

No can do, myself — too sensitive, I fear. In fact, I have had as much of this as I can stand. Pardon me, must go quickly…

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7 thoughts on “Pardon Me While I Heave

  1. A “Conservative Republican”??? Naaa… As a duly authorized representative of the GOP at the county (Precinct Captain), state (Committee Member), and national level (Voting Representative), I can speak for the “Right-Wing” by saying he is not one of ours. We do have a line drawn in the sand that we do not cross. Yes, the 1st Ammendment is important, and yes, it does apply to all, but that does not mean that we should assist those who we find are contrary to our beliefs and policy, to be further advanced. The “filth” is out there, and yes, we should bring it into the light of day, so that we may examine it, and see for ourselves what it is, and who it is, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it! What it does mean is that even though it has the right to exist, we too have the right to denounce it as un-favorable to the betterment of our fellow citizens.

    Rascism serves the racist only, and as for me… I am full, and will pass on that serving.

  2. Good to hear. You should know, however, that Thompson labels himself a devoted and libertarian-minded conservative Republican, whatever party loyalists have to say about it. This guy must come from the Trent Lott wing.

  3. “Thompson labels himself a devoted and libertarian-minded conservative Republican”

    Bah! No such thing… We on the “Right” take social class issues more serious when aligning ourselves. California’s “Arnold” had zero support from the right, (Tom Mc Clintock was our boy) Arnold might have been a “fiscal” conservative, but without agreement on social class issues, he is nothing more than a slightly (not full left) left of center Republican. Besides, he is married to a Kennedy, that is like the gay community voting for Rev. Jerry Falwell! hee hee…

    This slimebag is nothing more than an “opportunist” who is trying to play a “Howard Stern” role in the Sean Hannity/Ann Coulter/Right-wing media market. No thinking conservative from any party will ever give him more than a passing smirk.

  4. Oh he very disgusting Natalie and I feel like you do. When I say a “jailhouse sense of humor”, I say it with mild disgust. My “jailhouse sense of humor” comes from being a former gang member and laughing at things that were horrible, disgusting, and downright shameful. Call it a defense mechanism that keeps me from flying off the handle entirely. 🙂

  5. Oh, I know you do, ‘Train. My journalism background gives me a bit of a cynical take on things too. This guy, however, is, as they say, “beyond the pale.” No wonder our Republican friend here is so determined (and rightly so) to distance himself from the self-avowed conservative GOPster.

    BH, you can bluster on all you want. The man calls himself a Republican and likely has the voter card to prove it. And no doubt many members of your party share his views. (In fairness, there are Dems who do too.) Not all, necessarily, not even most, but many Republicans would like nothing better than seeing a melanin-enhanced person swing from a tree and the banning of marriages like Tiger Woods’ impending nuptials. Come on, you know this is true.

  6. Oh my god yes, you are correct, there are plenty of “Red-Necked, Good Ol’ Boy Racist Republicans” It is very sad, but true! Do I think they are right? Nope. Do they have my support on their horrendous view of humanity? Nope. Do I hope that they get what is coming to them when the day comes that they call someone a “Nigger” (Pardon the slur) and that person beats them senseless? You betcha! Walk the talk I say, if yer gonna shoot yer mouth off, then ya better live with the consequences! And just because that fool has a voter card that has “Republican” typed on it, does not make him one. Voting is a matter of conscience, and one should be voting their conscience, and not some church polity, or political rhetoric!

    🙂 Are ya mad at me Ms. Davis cuz we disagree on some things? I hope not, I am actually having fun here…. It is rare where I can find intellegent thought without it turning into a bloodbath. 🙂

  7. Mad at you? No way! I don’t find politics or political squabbling fun, but you strike me as a nice person, and I am always glad to talk with nice people, whatever their viewpoints.

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