AF&O Alert

Because of WORLD AIDS DAY, I will not be blogging per usual on Dec. 1. Everything posted tomorrow will be related to the issue of HIV and AIDS unless some sort of emergency-level news story arises.

Which means: Tomorrow, the daily Reindeer Game will be preempted. Instead, we will do two rounds in one on Tuesday, Dec. 2.

Thanks for your understanding and please, take the time to read and consider the information presented Dec. 1. Recall those you know who have fallen victim to HIV and AIDS and pledge to join the effort to help the infected and affected and to find a cure.

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2 thoughts on “AF&O Alert

  1. Alert. What to stay when in danger. Or, if in double trouble, two lerts.

    Be alerted: a reindeer game entry got snuck in. Get alert of that, as they say in Sout Joizee.

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