Bush Bold? As If…

I found all the coverage of Dubya Bush’s top-secret Thanksgiving trip to see US troops in Iraq amusing and pathetic. Think about it: While safely on these shores, big, bad “Bring ‘Em On” Bushie taunts his enemies. But when he decides to do something decent (for a change) — to visit the American Death Brigaders kids in harm’s way — he slinks in, as Gulf News notes, “like a thief that comes in the night.” (I would provide a link, but while the story and site URLs are listed on Google, Gulf News’ server appears to be down. Interesting.)

Doug Basham of Op-Ed News notices the Shrub’s yella streak too, and gripes about it in “A Coward Comes to Baghdad”:

Remember all the times Mr. Bush told us how swimmingly things were going in Iraq – much different than the “‘perceptions” we were being given by the American “filtered” media – well except Fox News of course. (Which raises the question. I wonder if the anchors and hosts at Fox have to provide their own Vaseline, or if it’s in their contract that Fox has to). Now… if things are so hunky dory in Iraq; if it’s just a handful of rag-tag Baathist loyalists and remnants who are causing all the trouble – why all the secrecy? Why even take Air Force One? Why not just book your flight with ‘Air Liberation’, so that the overwhelming majority of the Iraqi populace who just LOVE our presence in their country, and think it’s just so Mohammed when their 4 and 5 year olds are frisked – they could be waiting for you at the airport with flowers and chocolates.

While much of the focus of the president’s trip to Iraq (rightly so, and primarily because it is so obvious) has centered on the fact that the very nature of the trip demonstrates how dire the security situation in Iraq truly is, there hasn’t been as much mention as to how this “nature” undermines the administration’s claims to the contrary.

Much of the so-called left-wing media fell all over itself praising the Terrorist-in-Chief for making the Turkey Day Baghdad trip. The New York Post called the publicity stunt “inspirational.” And the UK’s Telegraph actually made me laugh out loud:

President George W Bush was back at his Texas ranch yesterday basking in the most adulatory coverage in months, as an admiring American media described his surprise trip to Iraq as one of the boldest ever presidential forays. …

His secret overnight flight was glowingly compared to Abraham Lincoln’s daring visits to battlefields in the Civil War and Franklin Roosevelt’s summit meeting in the Atlantic with Churchill at the height of the U-Boat campaign. CNN delved into the archives for footage of Eisenhower on the frontlines in the Korean War and Lyndon Johnson in Vietnam before concluding that Mr Bush’s adventure had trumped them because of its secrecy.

Pardon me while I laugh. “Boldest presidential foray”? Basham sees the situation differently:

Let’s put the pieces together.

First piece… I remember this pathetic, cowardly little man in the White House standing before the cameras and saying, “Bring ’em On.” And I remember how his mindless boot lickers praised him for his bravado – too damn stupid to realize that a comment like this was putting our troops in FAR more danger than any 10 stories the media could report – the same media who essentially handed Bush his war on a silver platter – the same media this administration and their apologists now like to blame for the deaths or our soldiers.

Second piece… Last Monday at Fort Carson, Colorado, the president said, “The United States of America will not be intimidated by a bunch of thugs.”

Third piece… During his visit with the troops in Baghdad, he said “We did not charge hundreds of miles into the heart of Iraq, pay a bitter cost in casualties, defeat a brutal dictator and liberate 25 million people only to retreat before a band of thugs and assassins.” …

Fourth piece… On the plane, just three hours from Baghdad, Bush said, “I was fully prepared to turn this baby around and come home.”

When the Coward-in-Chief is safe and sound in America, he says, “Bring ’em On”, or…”We will not be intimidated by thugs.” Now, don’t you think a more appropriate time to say that — if indeed you were a man of courage, honor, conviction and “boldness” — would have been if you were planning to GO to Iraq, or when you were already THERE in Iraq?

But what did he say instead? First thing he said was, “Shhhhhhh.” The second was, “I was fully prepared to turn this baby around and come home.”

Oh, no. Bush was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways.
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Dubya.


4 thoughts on “Bush Bold? As If…

  1. Shrub’s consistency as vacationer-in-chief is pretty impressive. It reeks of a teenager who has been pining after the keys to daddy’s digs since he was a wee one… weekends at Camp David, frequent stops at the Crawford ranch which he picked up while campaigning.

    I’m glad to see his colleagues embracing the trend with plans for securing a luxury liner during the convention already timed in a misguided attempt to commandeer 9/11 remembrances for political gain. Sure, those images will convince America that this is the party of compassion for the ordinary people. (NOT!)

    And, stuff like this just ices the cake:

    The president told reporters on Air Force One afterward that he had watched the landing from the cockpit and had spent weeks quizzing his pilot and military and security officials about the trip’s feasibility, insisting that it be scrapped if it endangered any Americans. “I was pretty tough,” he said.

    So, Mr. Flight Suit himself was in the cockpit? Awwwww… If only he was as tough or involved in handling more substantive responsibilities!

    Really, Georgie, we’ve all heard that the difference between the men and the boys is just the price of their toys. Reinforcing that image, buddy, reflects badly on our gender… you can stop now, ‘K?

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