Right-Wing Ridiculousness – Amended

A couple of items in from and about the wrong side:

First up: Roman Catholic bishops in Massachusetts have ganged up to oppose the state’s highest court’s ruling declaring the gay-marriage ban illegal. In a letter read to Catholics at Masses all over Massachusetts today, Boston Archbishop Sean P. O’Malley and Bishops Thomas Dupre, Daniel P. Reilly and George Coleman called same-sex marriage a “national tragedy” that could “erode even further the institution of marriage.”

I don’t know — I think divorce, adultery, abuse, and sexism are eroding the institution pretty well all by themselves.

The bellyaching bishops also whined that the Supreme Judicial Court’s mid-May deadline for state lawmakers to make Massachusetts marriage laws comply with its ruling is too rushed, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Meaning, it doesn’t leave the right-wing enough time to amend the state constitution, which would take until 2006 to achieve. The clerics are urging anti-gay Catholics “to contact the governor and their state legislators to urge them to find a way to give our citizens more time to deal with this issue.”

Let’s hope there are decent Catholics who learned a thing or two from the Roman Catholic Church child sex-abuse scandal — for instance, that they can stand up and say no when denominational leaders ask them to act immorally.

And in Boob Tube Land: “The Reagans,” the TV movie depicting the rotten right-wing president and his dysfunctional family, hits cable pay channel Showtime tonight. You may recall that the film was slated to air on the CBS broadcast network until the wussy network brass caved in to right-wing Republican complaints. Early reviews of the flick are in from the Washington Post and the New York Times.

If anyone is planning on watching the movie, please consider videotaping it. No doubt there are many curious viewers who don’t have cable and, thanks to right-wing ridiculousness, have been denied the opportunity to make up their own minds about the film.

OK, this is neither right-wing nor ridiculous, but as it involves the issue of same-sex marriage and we just heard a peabrained view on that topic, I thought I would share this here — especially because some right-wing foolishness is involved:

The very intelligent Noli Irritare Leones offers some thoughtful pieces on same-sex marriage and the phenomenon of civil union and domestic partnership as well as on the debate over whether kids can thrive with a same-sex couple as parents. The second linked piece features a Marriage Debate query by David Bianco, conservative-leaning writer and founder of gay-press news organization Q Syndicate. Bianco is no longer with Q Syndicate, and says he is no longer gay, which is OK if he is happy. But his question leads me to a question of my own: How come when people give up gay sex, they suddenly become anti-homosexual? Bianco is exhibiting right-wing ridiculousness, if you ask me.

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5 thoughts on “Right-Wing Ridiculousness – Amended

  1. Ann Coulter had quite an interesting write-up on this, here’s a little quip from the future 2008 Sean Hannity running mate for the White House:

    “The Massachusetts Constitution was written by John Adams, who was quite religious. It is the most explicitly Christian document since the New Testament, with lots of references to “the great Legislator of the universe.” Adams certainly would have been astonished to discover that the constitution he wrote provided for gay marriage – though one can see how a reference to two men marrying might get lost among the minutiae about the common good and “duty of all men in society, publicly and at stated seasons, to worship the Supreme Being, the great Creator and Preserver of the universe.”

    God bless Ann, I love her so… (As you can see whose writing style I strive to emulate)

    “I don’t know — I think divorce, adultery, abuse, and sexism are eroding the institution pretty well all by themselves.”

    Indeed, and adding sexual deviancy is nothing more than fuel for the flames!

    I myself do not support “gay marriage”, but if the voice of the people comes down to a vote, and declares it law, and not just some politically motivated left-wing judges in Ted Kennedy’s back pocket trying to score a few points with the DNC. Then who am I to argue with the majority vote of the citizens of that particular state in question???

    I would get into my religous reasoning as to why my lack of support for gay marriage, citing mountains of biblical reference against it, and homosexuality itself, but I will refrain. Besides, that is Rev. Jerry Falwell’s job to school the hellbound, not mine.

    Wasn’t that sweet how we brought left-wing CBS/Viacom to its knees? Ya know, it was the recall Gray “Taxaholic” Davis operation that launched the offensive in conjunction with the RNC, that let CBS/Viacom know who runs not only the two houses of Congress and the executive branch, but who is systimatically switching out liberal judges to bring the judicial branch back to right of center.

    “have been denied the opportunity to make up their own minds about the film.”

    Must have been the vast right-wing conspiricy that twisted the arms of folks to not pay for premium channels such as “Showtime”. Or to sign up for the “Dish” where cable is not yet available.

    The show was meant to be entertainment, not something “owed” to the populous by the government, ergo it is a “privilege” to watch “The Reagans” not a “right”.


  2. I don’t read pornography or the rantings of Ann Coulter. I loathe filth.

    And that said, once I saw ‘sexual deviancy,’ I decided not to read the rest of your posting. I don’t need to be insulted on my own site. Note, however, that I won’t delete your words.

  3. You ask, “How come when people give up gay sex, they suddenly become anti-homosexual?”

    The same reason that when people give up smoking cigarettes, they suddenly become anti-smoking, perhaps?

  4. Well, in both situations, people need to mind their own damned business and stop trying to tell other people how to live their lives.

  5. Not to mention be a tad mindful that, those who have lived only the extremes (compulsions and teetotaling of whatever variety) are a minority compared to those living in the middle.

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