World AIDS Day Online Vigil

WAD is about sharing stories, grief, remembrance, hope.

This is an open topic. Please take this opportunity to share whatever you will in keeping with the occasion.

In our comments section, speak out:

Pay tribute to people you have lost — tell us about them and how you miss them.

Say thank you to the selfless caregivers and researchers and to all heroes of the pandemic.

Share your thoughts on how the pandemic has affected you.

Share words of inspiration that could be just the thing that soothes someone’s soul, challenges them to take up the cause, convinces a misguided soul to give up hate and prejudice.

Offer prevention strategies or survival skills.

Tell stories or share experiences you wish to get off of your chest.

Or, if you want, lash out at this monster we call AIDS.

Whatever you wish to say on this World AIDS Day, this online vigil and open topic is here for you. And please spread the word; this vigil is for everyone interested in taking part in World AIDS Day.


3 thoughts on “World AIDS Day Online Vigil

  1. Litany for World AIDS Day 2003

    One:  We praise you, Holy One, for the gift of life,
    precious, stubborn, fragile and beautiful;
    We are grateful for the time we have to live upon the earth,
    to love, to grow, to be.
    Many:  We give thanks for the will to live
    and for our capacity to live fully
    all of the days that we are given;
    One:  and for those who have taken
    from the devastation of AIDS
    the opportunity to build lives of wholeness.
    Many:  We give you thanks for the partners, friends, caregivers and families
    who have been steadfast in their love;
    for the people who have devoted their life’s work
    to the prevention, treatment and healing of HIV
    with passion and commitment,
    One:  For the diligent science,
    brilliant ideas and insights that have led to new, life-giving treatments,
    For the governments who have acted
    to provide health care
    for people living with HIV.
    Many:  We give thanks for those whose prejudice and judgment
    have yielded to understanding,
    For those who have overcome fear,
    indifference or burnout
    to embrace a life of caring compassion,
    One:  We praise you, Eternal One,
    for those who have loved enough
    that their hearts have broken,
    who cherish the memories of those we have lost,
    and for those who console the grieving.
    Many:  God, grant us the love, courage, tenacity, and will
    to continue to make a difference in a world with HIV;
    One:  Inspire us to challenge the forces
    that allow the needless spread of AIDS to continue —
    prejudice, unjust laws, repression, prudery, stigma and fear.
    Many:  Into your care we trust and lift up the 60 million souls who have contracted HIV
    One:  We lift up to you our dreams of a world where all are cared for,
    Many:  our dreams of wholeness,
    One:  our dreams of a world without AIDS,
    Many:  a dream we know you share.

    — WAD 2003 Litany from the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches

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