Down with Love

Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell, presumably on their wedding day. The US Army has not allowed the couple to see each other since the ceremony took place. A US soldier in Iraq has gotten his walking papers. What led to Sgt. Sean Blackwell’s reprimand and discharge: Taking a break from his duties in Baghdad to marry an Iraqi woman.

Reports Pensacola, FL’s

Blackwell, 27, is being punished for divulging the time and location of the patrol to his bride and the Iraqi judge who married them, his attorney said. The Florida National Guardsman avoided a possible court-martial for dereliction of duty and disobeying orders.

Blackwell wasn’t the only Florida Guard member to fall in love with a Baghdad girl — they were wed in an Aug. 17 double ceremony that included Cpl. Brett Dagen and another Iraqi woman. Both men, formerly Christian, converted to Islam before marrying.

It’s apparent that the US Army was not thrilled about the marriages. Blackwell’s mother says her son told her that Dagen, under severe pressure, will divorce his new wife. Blackwell’s bride, Ehdaa, who is a doctor, has received anti-US death threats, and the couple have not been allowed to see each other since the wedding. The two reportedly are now in contact by telephone.

“He’s a little ticked off at the government right now,” said [Blackwell’s mother]. “I’d hate for him to get a dishonorable discharge because he fell in love.”

Because of the threats, it is reported that Ehdaa plans to leave Iraq for Europe. It may take some time before this woman who married an American citizen will be allowed to enter the US. Imagine that.

The good news is that the Blackwells may end up in proverbial clover. Their attorney is working on lining up a book and movie deal for them. I hope that works out successfully — there is a romance I would love to see on screen.

Up with love. Down with the anti-Cupid US Death Brigade.


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