Regulating Pot in Oakland

Register to vote -- change repressive laws and kick the uncompassionate bastards out of office. Yes, in these United States, as in many other countries, the government picks and chooses what it deems unacceptable for consumption by fully grown adults. Alcohol, a drug proven to be dangerous and deadly if misused, is OK. So is oxycontin, if legally prescribed by a doctor or if right-wing talk-show hosts use it. Tobacco, whose packages are covered in health warnings, is A-OK, except in many public places. But a plant many studies show to be no more (and often less) harmful than booze and cigarettes is verboten for almost anyone at any time under law.

Why can’t Americans use marijuana — a plant that grows out of God’s green earth — for any damn thing they want, and especially for medicinal purposes? Beats me, friend. All I can point to is the nation’s absurd, inexplicable, and cruel War on (Some) Drugs and a Plant and offer the obvious as a reply: Because Uncle Sam says no. Period.

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4 thoughts on “Regulating Pot in Oakland

  1. Why can’t Americans use pot? Because the government hasn’t figured out a way to make a profit from its cultivation and sale – it can be grown in lots of back yards by ordinary people not beholden to corporate forces. And we can’t have that in our hyper-capitalist society!

  2. Elayne, you are of course right… it’s always about the money… but it’s also about control. Natalie, as you point out, drug laws are unevenly enforced based on the race and social status of the accused. But the drug “war” is like the “war” on terror: it’s endless, it’s brutal and the very fact of its pursuit allows powerful people to intimidate selectively anyone they damned well don’t like.

    FTR, I use only caffeine and alcohol. Of the two, caffeine is the more dangerous: writing while sipping is a serious threat to society! This is my brain on coffee…

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