New at OSP: Electronic Voting & Jobless-Benefits Crisis

Electronic voting is supposed to make elections more reliable. But in a special contribution to Open Source Politics, correspondent John Williams, using a voting-machine simulator, finds out that what a computer has to say isn’t always trustworthy.

This November I had an opportunity to try out one of the new electronic voting machines. Let me be frank: I don’t like them. I don’t get a receipt. I don’t know how my vote is being tallied. In fact, I have no way of knowing if my vote has been cast at all.

Which isn’t, I used to think, that different from the old physical punch-card or pull-handle machines.

This piece is a must-read — check it out and wonder — could another election end up being stolen>

Also on OSP: An article of mine, Holiday Nightmare, is important and timely: Today, the US House of Representatives meets for what could be the last time this year. What will this mean for those Americans who have lost or are about to lose their jobless benefits? And what can you do today — MUST you do today — to help?

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