Gore to Endorse Dean

As Open Source Politics’ Kevin Hayden puts it, “Howard Dean has earned the endorsement of President Gore, who said, ‘I think Gov. Dean will make a fine successor.'”

From my POV, big deal. A pro-war, anti-GLBT equality centrist is backing another pro-war, anti-GLBT equality centrist. (Civil union isn’t equality, folks; Dennis Kucinich knows this, but most of you probably aren’t paying him much attention, which is a damned shame.) But Gore’s reported endorsement of the Dem frontrunner does have some interesting facets. For one, Joe Lieberman, who ran alongside Gore in 2000, can’t be thrilled. And John Effin’ Kerry is probably tossing around the F-word with abandon.

Meanwhile, the anti-war, pro-equality prospective candidate still hasn’t made an announcement on whether he will run. Ralph Nader probably won’t take up the race unless Kucinich doesn’t win the Democratic nomination, but in preparation, the consumer advocate has formed a presidential exploratory committee and has created a Web site. In the meantime, though, Nader still urges progressives to support Kucinich.

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