Odds & Ends: Baby News, A Plug, and Saddam

Mazel tov and health and happiness to Blogcritics‘ Eric and Dawn Olsen. The couple recently welcomed a brand-new baby son, Alexander Kirk, who is just as gorgeous as gorgeous can be (but knowing his folks, that’s no surprise; look at the pics and say awwwww). Much love and joy to the new-again parents and to little Alex’s new siblings (especially to Lily, who is a big sister for the very first time).

Hey, a little shameless self promotion: Be sure to pick up a copy of Out on a newsstand near you. The January issue features “Once a Catholic…,” an essay by moi that is part of a special section on religion and sexuality. Sorry, the article is not available online, so go, buy it, read it; you’ll be glad you did. And you don’t have to be gay to read Out — buy it with pride.

OK, now we kvetch: So, as I said, I spent the night snowed in at work. Not fun. When I finally was freed, this news greeted me: “We got him.” Reports say Saddam Hussein, captured — without violence, thank the goddess — near his hometown of Tikrit, Iraq, will face an Iraqi war-crimes tribunal. Works for me. Hussein is responsible for much murder and mayhem and he certainly should face the consequences of his unconscionable acts against humanity, so long as the US isn’t playing judge and jury. But does this event mean that Bush did the right thing in unleashing American-led terrorism on Iraq? Hell, no. It does not justify the violence done unto the Iraqi people by the US-led coalition. It does not make up for the myriad lies and lame rationalizations the Bush gang have fed to a gullible American public. It does not mean that Iraq is a place of peace. And, as Alternet’s David B. Livingstone notes, this big “We got ‘im” show could be distracting us from something that really merits our attention.

Anyhoo, Saddam Hussein will have his day in court (though many say he ought to be tried by an international court. That isn’t bad news. But you know what would really get my happy juices flowing? I want to see Dubya Bush get what Hussein is getting. British PM and Shrub minion Tony Blair crowed about the Hussein capture, condemning Saddam’s reign of “terror and division and brutality.” Well, what are we getting from the Bush regime but “terror and division and brutality.” Put Dubya and former Rummy pal and US-government employee Saddam (and a host of others, including Rummy, Wolfowitz, Rice, and bin Cheney), in front of an international war-crimes tribunal — that, my friends, would be justice. Of course, I fully expect never to see that. (Over at Blogcritics, Mac Diva shares my POV. Cool.)

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