Hot Flashes

Strom Thurmond’s Body Lies A-Rollin’ in the Grave…: Thanks to Mac Diva of Mac-a-ro-nies for this pointer to a New York Times piece that shows the late Sen. Strom Thurmond didn’t believe in all kinds of “segregation forever”… I guess one can “go black” and “go back.”

Everything… Plus the Kitchen Sink: Now, this is a new one. In Exeter, England, a burglar is now serving a two-year sentence in prison for stealing someone’s kitchen and installing the entire thing in his own home. Using power tools, the thief made off with –30,000 worth of stuff, including freezers, a refrigerator, a stove, even the carpet. Boggles the mind.

Is the “Super Bowl of Love” On?: David Letterman may get his meetup with Oprah Winfrey after all — but on her talk program, not his own “Late Show.” I hope Dave accepts O’s invite; we could use a little more love in the world.

This Is Progress?: A Florida-based US-Israeli company is shopping a new invention — a gun that can shoot around corners — to Death Brigades in 15 countries. Fucking sick. And cowardly too — if you’re going to do something so ugly and immoral as to try and take someone’s life, you ought to be willing to risk putting yourself in the line of fire.

Pass the Dutchie on the Left-Hand Side: In a recent nationally televised gathering of the Democratic presidential candidates, three of the wannabes admitted to having smoked marijuana. The reward for their candor? Enthusiastic applause from the audience. And from me too, but I have to give major props to brave, compassionate progressive candidate Dennis Kucinich, who says that under law, pot should be treated like alcohol. Yeah, Dennis!

Howard Dean? Historic?: The Black Commentator thinks so. According to BC, a recent Dean speech makes racial-political history. I don’t believe in the concept of race, but yeah, the Republican Party does beat people over the head with it, doesn’t it? I am not a Dean supporter, but kudos to the former Vermont governor and current Jim Crow for gays proponent for speaking truth.

Cheney Coverup to be Uncovered?: Faux VP Dick bin Cheney doesn’t want you to know what is contained within a report from his energy task force, and he’s gone to a lot of trouble to keep the documents secret. Now, the US Supreme Court says it will hear the Halliburton hellion’s arguments and decide the matter once and for all. Why don’t I believe justice will be served?

Bad Elves: Journalist Greg Palast exposes more Shrubite shenanigans: “Well, ho ho ho! It’s an early Christmas for James Baker III. All year the elves at his law firm, Baker Botts of Texas, have been working day and night to prevent the families of the victims of the September 11 attack from seeking information from Saudi Arabia on the Kingdom’s funding of Al Qaeda fronts. It’s tough work, but this week came the payoff when President Bush appointed Baker Botts’ senior partner to ‘restructure’ the debts of the nation of Iraq. And who will net the big bucks under Jim Baker’s plan? Answer: his client, Saudi Arabia, which claims $30.7 billion due from Iraq (plus $12 billion in ‘reparations’ from the First Gulf war).”

You Better Watch Out: Are the Bushies — you know, the shadow-government folks — trying to steal Florida again? The Sunshine State will not require printouts of ballots cast via touch-screen electronic voting machines. Officials say Florida voting will be secure. Uh-huh. And Katherine Harris is trustworthy.

Take That, Trista and Ryan: Way to go, Matthew Gilbert of the Boston Globe. In a Dec. 10 commentary, he writes, “[W]hile the nation thinks and talk radio whines about how same-sex couples will affect the institution of marriage, the networks are industriously sticking heterosexual marital shams in our face. They’re making the legal and romantic institution of faith into a hokey game-show genre, complete with money prizes and manipulated story lines.” Can we pass a law to protect marriage from reality-TV shows? I’ll take the true love and commitment of, say, “beloved wives” Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels any day.


4 thoughts on “Hot Flashes

  1. I doubt this will affect your view, but firearms that can “fire around corners” aren’t exactly new. In the second world war they were used, & I wouldn’t be surprised if they were used before that.

    & it sounds like the device isn’t actually a firearm in & of itself, but rather a device that a firearm is attached to.

    There seem to be a few historical errors in the piece & I wouldn’t be surprised to find a few factual ones as well. The moral is don’t trust the press when it comes to reporting anything about firearms – from the technical & historical to the legal aspects they tend to provide misinformation more often than not.

    But being the gun nut I am, I’m always ticked to hear about a new firearm being sold to government entities only. Not that I have any specific desire for a gun that shoots around corners (although I can see the benefits for those looking for a derensive weapon for their home – much better to stay in the bedroom behind the wall but be able to return fire if necessary) but if it’s an inappropriate weapon for civilians, then it’s definitely inappropriate for government.

    In any event hope things are going well for ya.

  2. I don’t trust the press for a host of reasons, Publicola. And it ocurred to me when I read the story that this sort of thing would be good for someone trying to protect their home from violent intruders. But for use in war or by mischief-makers (to say the least), my opinion stands.

  3. Amazing how journalism made somebody so smart, you are the vanguard
    of exposing injustice. Turn your eyes around look at yourself, bet they
    didn’t teach you that. Down with celebrity, starting with Dan Rather.
    Thumbs down on your rants too.

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