Monday Reindeer Game Times Three

It's the AF&O Reindeer Game, and everybody is welcome to play! Time for today’s round of the game, which will be a triple round — three times the vocabulary, and thrice the fun.

First, Saturday’s Word of the Day:


Next, Sunday’s Word of the Day:


And today’s Word of the Day is:


Now, share one sentence using all three words or create separate sentences for each. Take a whirl and have some fun with it! And feel free to comment on other players’ creations.

As usual, I’ll go first:

We must expunge hatred from this world.

Dubya Bush is known for the hyperbolic fustian he exploys in his speeches.

The anguish my job causes me is not dissimulated easily.

Give ’em the old college try! Play!

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3 thoughts on “Monday Reindeer Game Times Three

  1. In my fustian marriage it occurred to me that there was too much mooching, and not enough smooching,so I figured we should dissimulate. Now she’s my expunge. But since she’d hired Barry Cuda to represent her, I now live with Faustian thoughts, not dissimilar to the post-dissimulation (or datsimulation, either) many feel toward their ex-sponges.

  2. I wish G.W. would get on and expunge his habit of dissimulating his intellectual short comings with fustian words, whose correct definition he does not know.

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